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With Mapbox Navigation SDK Nexar expanded turn-by-turn navigation features for an innovative and optimized user experience

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Developers used the Mapbox Navigation SDK to build a seamless navigation interface with real time map data
  • Data from dash cams can be smoothly integrated with the map to enhance safety features
  • Mapbox customization options keep the maps aligned to brand

products used

Navigation SDK

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From road closures, stop-and-go traffic, reckless drivers, bad weather, to back seat drivers - Nexar knows that road safety and vehicle security isn’t easy to capture without video evidence. With driver safety as the primary focus, Nexar’s dash cams are available for drivers who want an easy and out of the box experience - providing live streaming footage as well as daytime and nighttime navigation mode. 

Nexar's dash cams are paired with its app, providing a turn by turn experience that is augmented by Nexar's crowd-source images of the road, so that drivers can experience the road ahead. This is powered by Mapbox Navigation SDK that replaces the need to switch between apps on your phone. Drivers can even sync their insurance information into the app and incident footage will be sent to the insurance company to review it.

To complement the robust hardware a streamlined software that provides traffic guidance and proactive rerouting, the Navigation SDK lets Nexar developers deliver a seamless navigation interface with real time map data - giving drivers the peace of mind for their entire journey 

In addition to being a driver solution, municipalities and city planners can benefit from Nexar’s new offering of City Stream to take annonymized images from the dash cam, such as identifying traffic signs and cones in construction zones. With Mapbox map data a new layer can be created with what is captured from the dash cam, for example, giving cities data that can help prevent accidents by adding more traffic signs. All run on Mapbox maps and navigation.      

Try it out  and stay safe on the road!

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