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Using Mapbox GL JS, Sumo Logic visualizes security threats for better decision-making and faster response

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Smooth integration between Sumo Logic data and Mapbox GL JS
  • Real-time data visualizations for better business operations
  • Fast-rendering maps for fast-moving situations

products used

Mapbox GL JS

If Sumo wrestling is all about holding your ground, it only makes sense that Sumo Logic focuses on identifying threats and striking them fast.

A leading global machine learning data analytics platform that delivers continuous intelligence, Sumo Logic uses dynamic maps to help their users visualize security threats.

Sumo Logic Dashboard

"With the ability to integrate Mapbox technology into the Sumo Logic platform, our users can easily visualize all of their data on interactive maps to identify anomalous behavior, solve problems faster and improve their overall business operations."

Michael Marfise, Senior Director of Product Management, Sumo Logic

Dynamic in-dash maps powered by Mapbox GL JS allow users to easily monitor and identify threat intelligence and security geolocation data in real time. Meaning they don’t have to wait, and can quickly determine when and where there is a serious threat penetrating their systems.

Drill-down into threats with seamless rendering at 60 fps.

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