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Mineral Answers creates up-to-date visualizations for data-driven decision making with the Mapbox Tiling Service and Mapbox Studio

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Advanced map-based data visualizations are easy to implement on the web with Mapbox GL JS
  • The Mapbox Tiling Service provides fast and efficient processing of large datasets
  • Mapbox Studio unlocks beautiful data visualization capabilities for complex datasets

products used

Mapbox Tiling Service


Mapbox GL JS

Mineral Answers, the fastest growing knowledge platform in oil and gas, provides mineral, oil & gas, and royalty owners with a community of mineral experts and peers. Mineral Answer’s platform also has a wealth of information to help them make informed and educated decisions with their resources.

Mineral Answers uses Mapbox Tiling Service to refresh large datasets with multiple custom layers such as well, rig, permits and energy infrastructure in the United States. These custom layers are then styled in Studio to create insightful visualization.

The new Mapbox MTS service allows us to streamline our large and varied energy datasets seamlessly into vector tilesets, making the management of our GIS data layers a natural extension of our ETL process. With recipes, we can easily control the variability in our tileset features to optimize for both performance and cost.

Jeff Chambers, Founder,

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