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Who speaks for the trees? Your search engine.

“blue suede moccasins” “how to write wedding toast” “limo rental sf” “can you iron linen” “cures for hangover” “chow mein takeout 94559”  

The internet is full of answers to the questions of our lives, and powering all of that info requires energy. A lot. If the internet were a country, it would rank 3rd in electricity consumption, carrying a massive carbon footprint.

Ecosia turns the internet’s front page into a solution. The non-profit company uses revenue from keyword search ads to plant trees. That means, every search on Ecosia removes 1kg of carbon pollution from the atmosphere.

Forests aren’t the only thing Ecosia protects, with privacy measures that include not selling user data to advertisers, no third party trackers, and no personal profiles based on search history. So go ahead, search for “ice cream near me” - you deserve a treat for helping the planet.