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Helping farmers raise more profitable crops

40% of land in the world and 70% of freshwater are used for farming. Farmers invest in technology to ensure that they’re able to raise strong, economically viable crops efficiently and sustainably.

Granular, the world’s leading farmland management software platform, has built a suite of digital tools to help thousands of farmers build more profitable and efficient farms. By combining financial, operational and agronomic solutions into one platform, their tools enable users to analyze crop performance, profitability, coordinate teamwork, and assess the value of farmland. Granular’s farmland map experiences are powered by Mapbox Maps and Search. They have relied on Mapbox to present terabytes of data about soils, climate, crop rotations, taxes, interest rates, and corn prices at aggregate and field-level views.

“Mapbox has allowed us to move faster in multiple ways. From our usage of vector tiles, which made it easy to increase our map speed and responsiveness, to Mapbox Studio, which enables our product and design team to quickly iterate on the map user experience.”

- Trevor Strieber, Director of Engineering