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Mapbox outfits AllTrails with a complete kit of location services, from customized styles to offline maps and even driving directions

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • With the Mapbox Tiling Service for data processing and the Mobile Maps SDK for rendering, AllTrails delivers industry-leading trail maps
  • The flexibility of the Mapbox platform expands the potential of location-driven app features
  • Mapbox styling structure allows for seamless data integration and extensive custom design capabilities

products used

Mapbox Tiling Service

Base Maps

Mobile Maps SDK

About AllTrails

With over 400,000 curated trails and a global community of over 45 million, AllTrails is the world's largest and most trusted outdoor app. Explorers of all kinds use AllTrails to plan, live, and share adventures, be it a mountain trek or a stroll in the park.

AllTrails builds with Mapbox to deliver the best map performance and leading-edge navigation features to their users on mobile and web.

Complete trail navigation in one app

Maps and intuitive navigation are the core of the AllTrails app. By partnering with Mapbox for foundational location technology, AllTrails can build tailored navigation experiences and extensive map-based features, confident that Mapbox will reliably support high-quality experiences for their global user base on web and mobile.

The right location provider for AllTrails also had to integrate seamlessly with AllTrails internal database systems that house a vast collection of carefully curated trail data and user-contributed trail reviews and photos, as well as additional contextual layers that change dynamically such as weather.

A wealth of available data helps prepare you for exactly what to expect out on the trail: Choose from eight different map styles including the rich topography of AllTrails customized outdoor style. View 10 available layers of contextual data including weather, allergens, air quality, and fire history. Get driving directions to the trailhead, plan custom routes, and record your journey.

One of the best features of AllTrails is the thousands of custom trails that are available. Using Mapbox Tiling Service, AllTrails makes it extremely easy to provide users with up-to-date information of highly detailed trail maps.

MTS allows AllTrails to quickly upload and process thousands of custom trails for our users. It makes it extremely easy to provide our customers with up-to-date information of highly detailed trail maps for their hiking, biking, and camping adventures around the world!

James Graham, CTO, AllTrails

The seamless integration with Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK enables AllTrails customers to access a wealth of current and meticulously detailed trail maps for their global hiking, biking, and camping escapades. Whether exploring new terrains or embarking on familiar trails, users can effortlessly retrieve comprehensive information and instructions directly from their smartphones, enhancing their outdoor experiences to new heights.

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