Great maps make it even more fun to explore the world

Offline maps
Take your maps with you, even when you're international.
Custom styles
Maps that match your style with only the features you need.
Markers & interactions
Show off your destinations with a great design and fast tooltips.
Geocoding & search
Help users find nearby points of interest and attractions.

Save offline maps for extra adventure

The Lonely Planet Guides app is packed with advice from the experts to help you get to the heart of your destination. With the Maps SDK for iOS, Lonely Planet features custom maps that you can take offline, so there's no need to worry about cell coverage as you explore.

Design beautiful maps worthy of your brand

National Geographic's name is synonymous with global perspective and beautiful design. When they created the City Guides app, they chose the Maps SDK for iOS because it combines total design control with customizable data and interactions. The app brings you to the coolest places in the most iconic cities: London, Paris, Rome, and New York.

Find the perfect place to spend the night

As Airbnb's community in China grows rapidly, Mapbox helps them scale the map that people use to find the perfect rooms, apartments, and homes for their travels. Using our developer-friendly platform, they were quickly able to add Airbnb's signature map markers and other details, and continue to tweak every last detail of the map design to fit an explorer's needs.

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