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Power your fitness and outdoor applications with terrain maps that highlight thousands of biking, hiking and running trails.

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The Mapbox platform powers thousands of applications. Design maps for hiking, plan routes with our APIs, and track activities in real-time. Everything is mobile-ready with our iOS and Android SDKs.

Mapbox Outdoors

Mapbox Outdoors is a terrain map with detailed elevation and landcover data. The map features hillshades to orient runners, topography lines to help hikers judge ascents, and roads designed for overlaying GPS tracks.

  • Updated terrain data

    We process elevation and landcover information to classify everything from farmland to forests at the highest zoom levels.

  • Elevation lines and hillshades

    Detailed contour lines and hillshades at every zoom level express the topography of the landscape.

  • Street level details

    A map designed for the outdoors with worldwide street level details.

  • Optimized for styling

    Each zoom level is custom-designed to look great and allow for straightforward styling.


Runkeeper helps millions of runners explore new trails. Tighten up your laces because their route planning feature has a detailed terrain map with elevation data.

Walking Directions API to create custom routes
Mapbox Outdoors terrain map
Custom map design with Mapbox Studio Classic

National Park Service

The National Park Service has a long-standing tradition for publishing detail-rich paper hiking maps. They chose Mapbox to take that tradition online. Park visitors have a seamless experience using National Park Service hiking maps for web and mobile thanks to Mapbox Studio Classic's detailed customization tools. With Mapbox Studio Classic, you can customize everything from fonts and colors to symbols.

Custom map design with Mapbox Studio Classic
Modular map layers to visualize custom data

Human helps you answer the question, “Am I doing enough?” Visualize how much your city moves and compare your activity levels all on top of Mapbox Mobile.

Custom map design in Mapbox Studio
Seamless mobile experience built with the Mapbox iOS and Android SDKs

Compete Hub

Calling all endurance athletes! You can now see where you’ll be hurting the most as you haul up mountains, run through canyons, or power through water. Compete Hub gives athletes detailed information about race courses right on the map: everything from elevation data to changing temperatures.

Mapbox Outdoors baselayer map
Interactive markers using Mapbox.js

Powerful mobile tools

Real time GPS tracking, outdoor route planning in your mobile app using our iOS and Android SDK.

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