Mapbox for GIS: Part 2, Bring Your Own (GIS) Data

November 19, 2021
12:00 pm
November 19, 2021
Rafa Gutierrez
Support Engineer, Mapbox
Megan Danielson
Education Coordinator, Mapbox
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You’ve just completed your cartographic masterpiece in Part I. Now watch Part II of our two-part beginner GIS Week series where you can bring your GIS data to life. Mapbox Studio has all the tools to import data in most geographic formats. We’ll cover techniques for designing quick visualizations directly from the Mapbox Studio style editor and ways you can make your data interactive.


Rafa Gutierrez has been a Technical Support Engineer with Mapbox since 2013. Previously, Rafa was GIS Manager with SWCA Environmental and taught GIS I & II labs at Portland State University. His current focus is on Navigation products and services at Mapbox.