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Zango builds interactive maps to make shopping for property easier and more informative, using Mapbox Maps and Geocoding

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Interactive and user-friendly maps for web and mobile with Mapbox GL JS and Mobile Maps SDKs
  • Detailed property overview with 3D visualizations and interactive features 
  • The Mapbox Geocoding API provides accurate and efficient location search

products used

Base Maps

Mapbox GL JS

Mobile Maps SDK


Zango is Canberra's largest locally owned and operated property portal and they are shaking up the listing market with a platform that delivers hot new listings at better values.

Zango's mobile app

"The Zango platform, built with Mapbox Maps, delivers access to resources only locals can know, powerful industry insights, and the latest sales data.  These exciting features give potential buyers and renters more reasons to make Zango the place to find their place.

Zango’s map regions on both web and mobile are designed for searching within customers’ comfort zones. Mapbox enables Zango customers to pinch, zoom and preview individual blocks, regions, and 3D visualizations to understand a property from overview to details.

relevant industries

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Greater customization and lower cost with Mapbox GL JS for restaurant locator maps


Mapbox GL JS

Streamlined drone operations with Mapbox Maps and Geocoding

Mobile Maps SDK

Mapbox GL JS


Increased delivery efficiency with the Mapbox Navigation SDK

Navigation SDK

Directions API

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