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Mapbox GL JS, Mobile Maps SDKs, and The Mapbox Tiling Services, enables Skyscanner to process data fast to keep their interactive map oftravel restrictions always up to date

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Automated updating of custom data layers with Mapbox Tiling Service
  • Quick and accurate rendering of global data for hassle-free trip planning
  • Eye-catching and easy-to-understand maps built with GL JS

products used

Mapbox Tiling Service

Mapbox GL JS

Mobile Maps SDK

Skyscanner helps millions of travelers across the world plan and book their perfect trip. Even in normal times this can feel like hard work, let alone during a global pandemic with changing travel restrictions and entry requirements. So Skyscanner launched a live map to help travelers easily see where in the world they can go, without having to quarantine. Here's how it works:

Entry restrictions

We take a traveller’s origin country into account to measure how high or low entry restrictions will be for different destinations.

Quarantine requirements

We highlight any quarantine regulations that are in place on arrival in a destination, and upon return.

Travel updates

Travellers can sign up to Skyscanner's travel updates for the latest quarantine and country entry restrictions info, and be the first to know when things change for their favorite destinations. Mapbox powers the live map, using Mapbox Tiling Services to quickly render the changing travel restriction data on a per-country basis.

Our live, interactive map allows people navigate COVID-19 travel restrictions easily and quickly. It is updated daily with the latest information from every country so that travelers worldwide can plan and book a trip safely and with confidence. With 193 countries/regions to manage and ~37K possible states to display (depending on the origin and destination country/region), it's important that the map loads fast on all devices, whilst panning and zooming remain smooth. The resolution of geopolitical borders needs to be very crisp at all zoom levels to allow for quick and precise region differentiation - this was made possible via Mapbox's Tilesets API.

Diana Peycheva, Principal Product Manager, Explore Experiences

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