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Great routes lead to great performance

“Exciting News: We’ve Received Your Order.” Those six glorious words you read after you bit the bullet and finally bought a Peloton Tread. But you’re pumped and can’t wait to get started. Lucky for you, Peloton has what seems like an endless number of classes available. The Peloton app gives you access to unlimited Peloton content, from running to cycling to yoga and more.

Peloton’s outdoor running program features GPS Tracking and Outdoor Metrics so you can track your route and measure your performance. The GPS Tracking is powered by Mapbox, and shows your running routes and running history on a beautiful, sleek map on iOS and the web.

So lace up your running shoes, take an outdoor running class, and marvel at your new split time. And, of course, analyze your route and metrics; because if there’s one thing Peloton users love, it’s their stats!