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Daily active users grow by 221% thanks to tailored location-based insights built with Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs and GL JS

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs enable an informative and engaging mobile map experience
  • Mapbox GL JS guarantees high-performance and user-friendly web maps
  • Mapbox Studio enables visually striking custom map styles

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Mapbox GL JS

Mobile Maps SDK


About Omnia Fishing

Preparing for a fishing trip often means sifting through a bewildering array of information, and most advice always carries the caveat that 'it depends on where you’re going.'

Omnia Fishing is the first e-commerce company that personalizes the shopping experience for anglers by organizing products and information based on the specific bodies of water they fish. The platform considers key factors like the location of a customer, target fish species, and local fishing conditions to recommend the most effective techniques and gear for each scenario.

To power its ‘shop-by-lake’ approach, Omnia Fishing maintains a large index of over 100,000 water bodies in North America and enriches this data with reports from tens of thousands of local anglers. This valuable information is combined with interactive maps and real-time data on water temperature, clarity, and weather conditions in the bespoke Omnia Fishing app.

Omnia Fishing transforms scattered data into accessible, user-friendly insights. Through the website and mobile apps, customers can easily navigate extensive lake indexes. Subscribers to Omnia PRO gain access to advanced mapping tools and premium content, enhancing their planning and on-the-water experiences.

Tackling lakes of data

Omnia Fishing aimed to create a comprehensive tool that consolidated all the information anglers needed for planning outdoor adventures. To achieve this ambitious goal, the Omnia team realized that a customizable mapping service would be a natural platform to organize data in a user-friendly, trip-based format.

Omnia needed a mapping platform capable of combining and visualizing diverse data sources in a user-friendly format. It was also crucial that the map interface remain intuitive, because a steep learning curve would deter anglers from fully embracing the service and recognizing its value. Tailor-made customization was necessary to make the app truly stand out.

Another challenge was finding a platform that would be powerful yet accessible to build with. Omnia’s team of data engineers, led by CEO Matt Johnson (who co-founded Contour Innovations and developed the lake mapping platform Insight Genesis) had  extensive geospatial expertise, but still needed to work efficiently to meet ambitious project timelines. 

Consequently, Omnia Fishing needed a mapping service that could seamlessly handle large amounts of custom data without sacrificing flexibility or sophistication of mapping features.

It’s a big challenge to bring together important fishing information from so many fragmented sources and make it all cohesive. Mapbox has proven to be a solid foundation to build upon and one of the reasons our mapping service has become so popular. Over the last year that we have been working with Mapbox, our daily active users increased by 221%.

Matt Johnson, CEO, Omnia Fishing

A comprehensive suite of map-building solutions 

Omnia provides a stable, easy to use, and interactive map experience thanks to Mapbox GL JS for web and the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs for iOS and Android. Custom data on fishing conditions are overlaid as layers on the maps, offering remarkably detailed, location-based insights for users.

The flexibility of Mapbox allowed Omnia to initially launch with a core set of map layers and then continue to enrich the experience by adding new layers. The intuitive interfaces for panning, zooming, and tilting ensure a seamless experience as users navigate different locations and switch between layer options.

Using Mapbox Studio, the Omnia team designs custom map styles that are visually striking and tailored to the unique needs of their users. Additionally, Omnia leverages the dynamic styling capability of Mapbox to create a user interface that adjusts in real-time to various environmental factors, providing a more intuitive and engaging experience.

Close collaboration with Mapbox and comprehensive documentation helped Omnia to optimize their initial development process and continue to respond swiftly to user feedback and evolving needs.

Choosing Mapbox at Omnia's inception was strategic, enabling us to prototype and validate advanced mapping concepts efficiently. Our investment in Mapbox has significantly accelerated our development, especially in transitioning to mobile applications. Mapbox has proven to be not just a good bet, but a foundational component of our tech stack.

Dan Wick, CTO and Co-Founder, Omnia Fishing

Increased revenue and daily users with Mapbox

The integration of Mapbox has significantly enhanced the user experience of Omnia Fishing, leading to substantial business growth and increased user engagement. Since the Omnia mobile app launched the features built with the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs, daily active users for the year increased by 221%.

Mapbox features have also enhanced Omnia's competitive edge in the market for outdoor recreation applications. By introducing premium map layers as part of the Omnia PRO membership program, Omnia unlocked a new revenue stream and provides further value to its customers. The effectiveness of this strategy has been immediate, with thousands of anglers signing up during initial launch, eager to take advantage of the advanced mapping features designed to enhance their fishing adventures.

The informative and seamless map experience, built with Mapbox, led Omnia PRO membership program to a huge increase in subscribers. Month over month growth started to really change its trajectory, going from 19% to 40% and then 215%.

Matt Hamilton, Omnia Fishing Head of Marketing

Redefining the angler experience 

Building with Mapbox, Omnia Fishing has not only solidified its competitive advantage but also set new standards for providing personalized, data-driven insights for outdoor enthusiasts. Looking ahead, Omnia continues to innovate with Mapbox, developing additional map features and expanding services to meet the evolving needs of the angler community. By exploring advanced capabilities of Mapbox, including real-time data integration and AI-driven insights, Omnia will further distinguish itself as a technology leader for all those with a passion for fishing.

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