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The neighborhood network

Nextdoor is where you connect to the neighborhoods that matter to you. By bringing neighbors and organizations together, Nextdoor cultivates a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

Nextdoor Generic App screens

“Nextdoor’s key attribute is a connection to place, and Mapbox is the ideal partner to help us optimize our location strategy in neighborhoods around the world. Mapbox can scale with us as we build out maps as a core platform to connect with those nearby.”

Elena Luneva, Head of Product Maps and Strategic Partnerships, Nextdoor

Neighbors around the world turn to Nextdoor daily to receive trusted information, give and get help, get things done, and build real-world connections with those nearby — neighbors, businesses, and public services. 

Connecting with others is a universal human need. That truth, and the reality that neighborhoods are among the most important communities in our lives, have been guiding principles for Nextdoor since the beginning. Today, neighbors rely on Nextdoor in more than 275,000 neighborhoods around the world, including the United States (nearly 1 in 3 U.S. households), the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and Canada, with many more to come. 

Neighbors can explore their local community using maps, which is critical for establishing a sense of place and connecting with the people and places nearby. Mapbox allows Nextdoor full control over the look and feel of the map, producing hyper-local, relevant content to all neighbors and differentiated audience data for the platform.

Nextdoor’s Treat Map

The annual Treat Map is where neighbors can share how they plan to celebrate Halloween. The popular seasonal feature unlocks an interactive local guide for the #1 neighborhood holiday. 

Neighbors can add their home to the Treat Map to let others know how they will be celebrating in October:

- If you are filling your candy cauldron and handing out treats, mark your home with the candy icon so trick-or-treaters can be sure to stop by. 

- If your home will be decked out in ghoulish adornments, tap the haunted decor icon to attract fright seekers as they pass through the neighborhood. 

- If you are feeling fully spirited and doing both, select the ghost.

Nextdoor Treat Map App screens

Neighbors can then explore the map to find the best streets for treats and plan a festive Halloween night sight-seeing route. In 2021, Nextdoor also teamed up with Reese’s brand to make sure the season is filled with more treats than tricks.