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Take complete control of your business fleet

Linxio was founded to make fleet management software more affordable, yet powerful enough to solve the complexities of running large mobile workforces. Today, Linxio is a complete fleet management platform encompassing everything from fleet management, job management, driver compliance and safety tools, to digitalization of workflows and integrations into 3rd party software.

Headquartered in Australia, but with over 2,500 clients in 5 countries, Linxio is supplying solutions to small businesses and to the largest industry fleets and government organizations. 

The team at Linxio uses Mapbox tools for real-time vehicle tracking, geocoding, route management and for monitoring driving behavior.

“We move quickly at Linxio, our dedicated team of developers are always eager to push the boundaries with what is possible in a fleet management platform, always improving, always evolving, and to move as quickly as we do, Mapbox was the perfect solution.”

— Matthew Talia, CEO & Founder, Linxio

The team at Linxio is working on bringing more tools to their customers using Mapbox Navigation SDK and Mapbox Vision SDK for improved driver safety features. Check them out at https://linxio.com/ today.