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Flying drones is fun, but not if you break federal law. The Federal Aviation Administration’s B4UFLY App by Kittyhawk makes understanding air space restrictions and safe flying simple: Just tap the map and search for a location. At a glance it tells pilots whether they’re clear for take-off, should use caution, or need to stay on the ground.

Kittyhawk uploads flight restrictions and uses Mapbox to turn them into clearly defined and searchable color-coded polygons.

Individually styled polygons help pilots identify different types of restrictions and warnings.

After updating B4UFLY using Mapbox tools, Kittyhawk saw a substantially improved user experience, bringing their iOS app rating from 1.5 to 4.2.

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Mapbox GL JS and Maps SDKs illuminate the revolutionary wireless world

Mapbox GL JS


Mobile Maps SDK

Motivate a great workout with routes from the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK

Mobile Maps SDK

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Take history on-the-go with the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDKs.

Mapbox Tiling Service

Mobile Maps SDK

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