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Mapbox imagery

Every Mapbox account includes access to Mapbox Satellite and Landsat Live, two global basemaps. As cities grow and landscapes change, we add newer, clearer, and more attractive imagery. We prioritize major population centers, agricultural areas, and areas of interest submitted by users.

Mapbox Satellite

Mapbox Satellite is a full globe basemap of high resolution satellite imagery. Use mapbox.satellite without labels as a blank canvas, add our labels with mapbox.streets-satellite, or use your own data as an overlay.

  • Imagery from commercial imagery providers, NASA, and USGS
  • Cloudless imagery at zoom levels 0-8
  • Color-corrected and blended

Realtime satellite imagery

Satellite companies publish raw raster data directly to Mapbox, using the Mapbox Upload API. Mapbox will then tile and serve the imagery from our global infrastructure.

Landsat Live

The latest imagery, everywhere in the world. Each pixel is captured within the past 32 days and rendered directly into mapbox.landsat-live. Add vector footprints and metadata streams with mapbox.landsat-live-vt map ID for vector streams.

This imagery can be used to:

  • See the latest from areas affected by natural disasters
  • Watch the progression of deforestation
  • Monitor large-scale construction projects

Your imagery

Our pipeline for imagery processing allows satellite and drone companies to publish their own imagery to their end users.

Upload API

Upload geospatial files to Mapbox and we'll generate tiles and make them available to you via your account. The Upload API currently supports GeoJSON, KML, GPX, Shapefiles, CSV, GeoTIFF, and MBTiles and we’re constantly adding support for more.


Companies like Pix4D make it possible to upload imagery from their applications to in a single step.


Composite your imagery with ours

Combine Mapbox Streets labels, Mapbox Outdoors contour lines, and even your vector data into a single layer that is delivered in one tile.


Downsample imagery with in-request tile compression for faster tiles.

Format JPEG JPEG at 70%
Filesize 24 KB 16 KB

Add interactivity

Use Mapbox.js to build web and mobile applications with before and after swipe, time sliders, and more.


Create private maps to control who views your imagery.

DroneDeploy & Mapbox

DroneDeploy manages every step in the UAV workflow from planning a mission to collecting and processing imagery before the drone even lands. Imagery is processed in the cloud, transmitted to Mapbox in real-time, and available to DroneDeploy users via our APIs.

Imagery instantly published to using the Upload API
High resolution imagery via Mapbox Satellite
Offline map caching

Commercial Satellite

Global Imagery Access

Accessing satellite imagery from any Mapbox account is easy, even from free accounts. Just make a satellite base map and grab the URL of your map using our open source Mapbox.js API. You can be tracing in minutes.

Commercial Data Ownership

Any vector data you extract is owned by you. You can do anything you want with it — sell it, use it privately, open it up to the world, anything — forever. You'll have 100% ownership and control of your data and any vector derivatives are your own intellectual property. No restrictions.


It's simple: our Commercial Satellite Derivative Data License covers the number of features you paid for. Use Mapbox Satellite to create derivative vector works and keep the full intellectual property rights on any vector data you extract.

Commercial Satellite Pricing

Pricing is simple and billing is easy. Pricing is based on the number of features you are planning to extract: you can trace a detailed golf course, all the roads in a city, all the parks in a state, or every marina in the world. Get as detailed as you want — you'll only pay for the number of features you trace. You simply pay by swiping your credit card and we offer bulk discounts for larger volumes.



















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