Mapbox Outdoors

Mapbox Outdoors is a general-purpose map with curated tilesets and specialized styling tailored to hiking, biking, and the most adventurous use cases.

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Trails and paths

To meet the needs of the bikers, hikers, runners, and skiers that rely on Mapbox Outdoors, our cartographers mined OpenStreetMap for its extensive trail, path, and piste information, and developed styling that clearly articulates each type for maximum legibility.

Curated terrain data

Global elevation and landcover data lie at the heart of Mapbox Outdoors. We processed the best elevation and land cover sources from around the world: 24 datasets from 13 organizations, including the U.S. Geological Survey, Norwegian Mapping Authority, and Canadian GeoBase data portal. We combined them into a set of hillshade, contour line, and land cover layers that provide the necessary context for Mapbox Outdoor's path and trail information.

Relevant points of interest

Mapbox Outdoors contains an array of POI data relevant to active use cases: you can find campsites, public restrooms, and even water fountains in these specialized layers.

Design features


Highly organized road data, designed to present a clearly legible hierarchy of all road types across a wide zoom range.

Administrative boundaries

A global political and administrative boundary layer.

Paths and trails

Hiking paths, footways, cycleways, and ski trails.

Built features

Building footprints, rail stations, urban parks, land use, famous landmarks, and neighborhood stores.

Natural features

Rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, coastal boundaries, parks, land cover, and beaches.


A complete hierarchy of location labels, from countries and states down to villages and neighborhoods.


Vivid hillshading and contour lines deliver visually tactile topography for outdoor and active lifestyle apps.

Unique iconography

Select countries and cities feature custom highway shields and public transit icons.