The Guide to Map Design

Design your best custom map for web or mobile

About this guide

Designing a custom map for your brand or product lets you create a better experience for your users and highlight the right information at the relevant time. We know that map design is a key skill for any designer, so we’ve gathered our experience into a guide to help you make your best map ever.

Written by our resident cartographer Amy Lee Walton, an award-winning map designer, the guide is made for designers getting started with maps and experts fine-tuning details for a particular use case. Download Part 1 of The Guide to Map Design, and let us know what you think.

What you'll learn

The 79-page guide will teach you:

  • The key elements, principles and theory of great map design
  • What vector maps are (and why you need them) and how to design for global coverage at every zoom level
  • Important special considerations when designing maps for mobile, navigation, and data visualizations
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