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Our customers use Mapbox to visualize election results in real time, visualize the next snow storm as it approaches, bring the reader on location, and share beautiful map experiences on mobile devices.

  • Full design control

  • Scales to millions of users

  • Optimized for mobile

  • Multi-language maps

  • Data visualization

  • Satellite, street or terrain base map

The Financial Times, one of the leading business news outlets, uses Mapbox Studio Classic to create elegant basemaps that reflect their brand. The basemap is the foundation for visualizing a range of timely data to a global readership.

Custom basemap designed with Mapbox Studio Classic
Interactive data visualizations
Mapbox Satellite baselayer

From the distribution of wealth across the District to the location of gun seizures, The Washington Post uses Mapbox to visualize data from their research.

Custom basemap designed with Mapbox Studio Classic
Data visualizations

The investigation arm of the international news agency Reuters published a long piece on the impact of rising waters along America’s coastline. Reuters used Mapbox to visualize how the rising tides will affect the economies and jobs along the coasts.

Custom basemap using Mapbox editor
Interactive data visualizations with Mapbox.js

Le Monde, one of the largest French newspapers, relaunched their online paid edition with interactive maps based on Mapbox Streets and powered by OpenStreetMap. The map highlights current stories as they're reported.

Custom basemap designed with Mapbox Studio Classic
Mapbox Streets basemap in French

The Guardian uses maps as a key storytelling tool for their editorials and uses the latest Mapbox GL technology to build incredibly fast, interactive visualizations.

Custom basemap designed with Mapbox Studio Classic
Interactive, fast maps with Mapbox GL

USA Today integrated maps into their web and mobile publishing platform. From basic story locators to data-rich interactive apps, USA Today's maps provide a clean canvas for storytelling on top of custom basemap.

Custom basemap designed with Mapbox Studio Classic
Interactive Maps with Mapbox.js
Mobile experience built with the Mapbox iOS and Android SDKs

Zeit Online, the most widely read German newspaper, designed a custom basemap as a canvas for anything geographic. Their maps support both simple locator maps and elaborate interactive visualizations. The Zeit Online design is subtle, setting the stage for the content on mobile and the web.

Custom basemap designed with Mapbox Studio Classic
Mapbox Streets in German

Design custom maps with Mapbox Studio

Mapbox Studio opens up complete design control, allowing you to design custom vector maps that fit seamlessly in your app.

Powerful mobile tools

Build native mobile news applications using our open-source iOS and Android SDKs. Offline caching on iOS makes even large maps available on the go.

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