Our team is made up of 166 of the brightest and most dedicated designers, software engineers, cartographers, and strategists in the world.

As CEO of Mapbox, Eric coordinates product and business development. Eric has been with the team since the start and splits his time working on projects in San Francisco and Washington DC.

Eric got his start in the mapping and open data space at Development Seed, building open source tools for international development agencies. He holds a master’s degree in international development from American University in Washington, DC, and has dual bachelor’s degrees in economics and international relations.

Young Hahn


A long-time open source developer and accomplished artist, Young leads our engineering team with a breadth of experience building practical, functional, and beautiful applications.

Young’s methodical pursuit of elegant solutions to challenging technical problems spans his career. At Development Seed, he led development of Open Atrium and Managing News, open source products for group intranets and news aggregation that were acquired in 2010. Young is also an active maintainer and contributor to several Node.js-based open source projects.

Young is a graduate of Williams College with degrees in studio art and philosophy.

Bonnie Bogle


Bonnie leads operations at Mapbox, managing everything behind the scenes from budget planning to our daily finances, to contracts, to overall team logistics. One of her core roles is to design efficient internal systems to support our team and allow them to focus on building and running fast.

Bonnie is an active organizer coordinating the local monthly meetup GeoDC and larger annual conferences like OpenStreetMap’s State of the Map conference and FedGeoDay.

Previously Bonnie managed operations at Development Seed. She’s also worked as a journalist, a researcher, and an online writer for nonprofits in DC and in Latin America. Bonnie holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from American University in Washington, DC.

Alex Barth


Alex is an open data expert with years of practice in developing and implementing open data strategies and solutions on behalf of multinational organizations like the United Nations and World Bank. At Mapbox, he leads our data team to raise the availability and quality of freely accessible open data.

Before joining Mapbox, Alex was a developer and strategist for Development Seed. Prior to that, Alex managed information technology for an international development organization in Central America, where he became involved in the Central American open source community. In his free time, Alex has designed interactive robots and virtual reality interfaces, organized a traveling exhibit depicting life in Nicaragua and its sweatshops, and taken photos of his life and travels in Washington, DC, Nicaragua, and Austria.

Will White


Will runs platform at Mapbox, designing our APIs and building the infrastructure that makes them fast and reliable for over 100 million users around the world. He also works on our data processing pipelines that automatically scale to handle any size task.

Will is passionate about solid organization and honest communication, and enjoys helping people in the open source community get the most out of our work. He received degrees in film and visual arts and information technology at American University in Washington, D.C.

Ian Ward


Ian works with the Mapbox engineering team, where he focuses on managing performance, stability, availability, and security across our cloud infrastructure.

Prior to Mapbox, Ian co-founded Development Seed in 2003, where he was involved in everything from business and project management to code development and system administration. Ian began seriously developing on the web in the late 1990’s, and his work spans supporting small NGOs in Peru to helping the U.S. Department of Education and the World Bank create and release open source code.

As an undergraduate and graduate student at American University and Depaul University, Ian studied international relations, international development, and computer science.

Jeff Miccolis


Jeff is a senior member of the Mapbox engineering team. His work focuses improving web development processes and streamlining deployment and maintenance, often functioning as an infrastructure architect for the Mapbox platform.

Jeff is an active contributor to various open source projects and has given numerous presentations at local and international developer events. He was one of the co-creators of Open Atrium, a fully customizable open source intranet framework.

Prior to joining Development Seed in 2005, Jeff worked as a programmer and technology manager at a large labor organization and received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy at American University in Washington, DC.

Tom MacWright


As part of our engineering team, Tom specializes in building interactive and creative open source mapping tools for Mapbox. He is a lead architect of our open source mapping stack, including Mapbox Studio, Mapbox.js, and Mapbox GL JS.

Tom is a frequent speaker on software and visualization, having presented at Where 2.0, Visualized, FOSS4G, and OpenStreetMap’s State of the Map conferences. Tom is an experienced developer in JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. He received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from The College of William and Mary.

AJ Ashton


AJ is the lead cartographer at Mapbox. AJ works with open data to design beautiful custom maps, including the global street-level Mapbox Streets, based on data from OpenStreetMap.

AJ is also a skilled GIS developer who makes inventive use of open source mapping tools like CartoCSS, GDAL, and Mapnik to pioneer new techniques for designing maps for the web. AJ is active in many of these open source communities and participated in the first ever code sprint for Mapnik in London.

AJ received his degree from the Georgian College for Fine Arts near Toronto, Canada. His artwork has been on exhibition in multiple galleries in Canada.

Dane Springmeyer


As part of the Mapbox engineering team, Dane is the resident geographer. He works with the latest open source technologies to solve problems in advanced cartography and data visualization. He programs in C++, JavaScript, and Python and brings a deep knowledge of spatial data and web development to his mapping work.

Dane is a lead Mapnik developer, a charter member of OSGEO, a founding member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and in his former position as principal of worked on a range of projects leveraging new technology to address social and environmental problems and aid in disaster response and recovery.

Dane holds a bachelor’s degree in geography and environmental studies from Middlebury College.

Justin Miller


Justin leads our mobile team and brings a wealth of development and startup experience to Mapbox.

Justin has been programming professionally in the open source space since the late 90s and was critical in the formation and success of several technology startups, primarily in the web hosting industry, before running a consultancy for nearly five years building iOS, Mac, and web applications. Outside of Mapbox, Justin enjoys travel and wildlife photography. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Artem Pavlenko


Artem builds the core infrastructure behind Mapbox’s suite of mapping tools. He is the creator of Mapnik, the open source map renderer powering many open source mapping tools including Mapbox Studio Classic and OpenStreetMap.

Artem is an open source advocate and enthusiast continuing to lead Mapnik’s core development and is actively involved in the OpenStreetMap community. He is a regular speaker at open source conferences such as State of the Map and FOSS4G. Prior to joining Mapbox he played a critical role in MapQuest Open’s launch on open source Mapnik and OpenStreetMap data.

Artem has been involved in geospatial work since 1997. He has a master’s degree in radio-electronics from the Moscow Institute of Aviation and currently lives with his family in Charlbury, England.

Saman is a designer at Mapbox. He is involved with the entire lifecycle of our products, from providing strategy and initial concept to consistently polishing the way our applications look and feel.

Saman is the creator of Maki, an open source icon library for geographic points of interest.

Saman studied studio art at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Besides being a designer at Mapbox, he is also an artist and comic maker.

Tristen Brown


As part of the design team at Mapbox, Tristen blends an eye for innovative design with solid experience in web development.

Prior to Mapbox Tristen designed intuitive, easy to use, and accessible user interfaces for websites, data visualizations, maps, and other online tools at Development Seed.

Tristen is also a trumpet player who enjoys jazz and composing and performing music. He earned a Bachelor’s of Art degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music and later completed a residency at the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab.

Konstantin Käfer


Konstantin is an application developer at Mapbox. He is an expert in JavaScript, node.js, C++, OpenGL and SQLite and works on all parts of the Mapbox application stack.

He is working on pushing map rendering forward on the web and mobile devices. Konstantin holds a master’s degree in IT Systems Engineering from Hasso Plattner Institute and specialized in multitouch and interactive personal fabrication devices. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Matt is a data analyst specializing in processing large data sets that power our core maps. With a background in design and GIS, Matt is also an active contributor of our support and training efforts.

Before joining Development Seed, Matt worked as a freelance web designer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in geographic information science from Michigan State University.

Ian Villeda


As a cartographer at Mapbox, Ian bridges experience working with large data sets and passion for beautiful design. He specializes in spatial data analysis and manipulation, using tools like GDAL, PostGIS, and Mapbox Studio Classic.

Ian studied soil science at Georgetown University. He was a research assistant in Belize, traipsing through the rainforest to study ancient Mayan wetland agriculture, and performed undergraduate research in spatially-explicit soil erosion models.

John Firebaugh


John brings more than a decade of experience taming complex code, building libraries and APIs, and coordinating the development of major projects and products. He works on some of Mapbox’s most important software, including client side libraries like Mapbox GL and Mapbox.js and the backend services that power them.

Previously, he helped build, test, and deploy iD, the next generation OpenStreetMap editor, and has contributed to Ruby on Rails and Rubinius, a Ruby implementation.

When John is not working on an open source project, he’s likely hiking, biking, climbing, playing a game of ultimate frisbee, or creating generative art. John holds a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Ruben is a data analyst specializing in street level data management at Mapbox. He’s a major contributor to OpenStreetMap, with significant contributions around the world and notably in cities in Brazil, Peru, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, and Burkina Faso.

Ruben led efforts to open up government data in Peru, working with the provincial government of Huamanga, Ayacucho to coordinate the release of street-level data, communicate its benefits, and showcase this through open mapping projects, such as creating the first map of the city’s public bus routes.

Before joining Mapbox, Ruben worked as a desktop and web application consultant and developer for small and medium sized organizations. Ruben studied Systems Engineering at the University National San Cristobal de Huamanga in Ayacucho, Peru.

Ansis Brammanis


Ansis is a software developer at Mapbox where he works on the Mapbox JavaScript API, the iD OpenStreetMap editor and most recently Mapbox GL.

Ansis skillfully programs in Node.js, JavaScript, and Python. He’s a strong advocate for open source, and loves reading and writing code. He’s currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

Bobby Sudekum


Bobby is a software engineer at Mapbox where he works on mobile development and also improving the backend systems that make the Mapbox platform run.

Before joining Mapbox, Bobby worked as a GIS specialist at GreenInfo Network where he created both print and online maps for non-profits throughout California. Bobby graduated from The University of Vermont in the spring of 2011 where he studied geography. There, he also worked at the UVM Spatial Analysis Lab collaborating on a team that specialized in extracting features from satellite imagery.

Charlie Loyd


Charlie is an imagery specialist at Mapbox, where he uses a variety of open-source tools to turn satellite photos into maps. He brings experience from many collaborative and community-oriented software projects, and has both formal and informal knowhow in visualizing geolocated data.

Before joining Mapbox, Charlie worked as a graphic designer, tutor, typographer, and freelance web developer, among other things. In his free time, he enjoys hiking – both natural and urban.

Eric is a data artist and software developer. At Mapbox, he is working on improving the accuracy of the OpenStreetMap base map and on tools for creating innovative data visualizations on top of it.

Before joining Mapbox, Eric was an artist in residence at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and prior to that was a software engineer on the Android team at Google. His maps have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art and have been published in Wired, Popular Science, Best American Infographics, and many other print and online publications. He is particularly interested in using geographic data to understand and improve the pedestrian and transit experience in cities. He has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Chicago and lives in Oakland, CA.

Nicki Dlugash


As a designer at Mapbox, Nicki fuses data visualization, intuitive interfaces, and clean typography into experiences that empower users to understand complex information.

Nicki is from Hong Kong, but has followed her passion for design to several major East Coast cities. Her experiences range from designing packaging and products for an e-reader accessories company in Boston to conducting user research on teen pregnancy prevention for the Baltimore City Health Department. Nicki holds a master’s degree in Graphic Design from MICA, where she developed her thesis, Play Math, on visualizing mathematical concepts through play. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sean Gillies


Sean is an engineer at Mapbox, working on core algorithmic and geospatial issues. He’s the creator of the successful Shapely and Fiona open-source GIS libraries, and one of the main authors of the GeoJSON specification.

Sean has worked on image analysis, linked historical data, education, topology, and software development. He’s a graduate of the University of Utah and Colorado State University with degrees in Physics and Atmospheric Science.

Mike Morris


Mike Morris is an engineer with a wealth of experience in web development. He is one of the lead developers of and a contributor to His work focuses on user interaction and draws from his experience developing realtime applications using node.js. He is a strong advocate of open data and social justice and seeks to advance those causes through his work.

Mike is a native of Maryland where he earned his degree in Mass Communication from Towson University. On the weekends Mike can often be found outdoors camping, fishing or skiing.

Vladimir Agafonkin


As a part of the engineering team, Vladimir is helping us build the future of interactive maps. He’s the creator of Leaflet, the most widely used open source map library, and has been involved in many open source and open data projects, using his sharp JavaScript skills, mathematical background and love for simplicity to tackle challenges.

Vladimir is also an avid musician and the frontman of the rock band Obiymy Doschu. He loves singing, writing songs, playing an acoustic guitar, and also enjoys karate, bodyweight fitness, cycling, hiking and photography. He holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and lives in Kiev, Ukraine.

Lindsay Young


Lindsay supports operations and business strategy at Mapbox. She builds internal systems to help scale our team and drive our business into new industries.

Lindsay holds a bachelor’s degree in Middle East Studies from George Washington University where she studied linguistics and Arabic. She loves traveling, hockey, and reading novels.

Rafa Gutierrez


Rafa Gutierrez heads up support at Mapbox. He helps developers integrate Mapbox into their applications. He produces documentation and guides to help new developers with Mapbox tools and services. He also works closely with the engineering team to make sure problems get fixed fast.

Before joining Mapbox, Rafa worked as a GIS manager for an environmental consulting firm and freelanced in cartography and web development. He is an active participant in the open source geospatial community of Portland, Oregon and an avid orienteer.

Rafa holds a bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography from the University of Georgia.

Jeff Hurlock


Jeff helps onboard new Mapbox subscribers, manage existing accounts, and design custom plans, while working closely with the business development and operations teams. Jeff also works on internal processes and special projects.

Before joining Mapbox, Jeff founded a sports ticket brokerage called DCseats. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Widener University. Outside of Mapbox, Jeff enjoys traveling and is a big DC sports fan.

Aaron is an engineer at Mapbox working on tools and data to improve our products and how our teams work.

In his free time Aaron enjoys hiking, biking, and running. Aaron is a graduate of UC Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in history.

Katie Wandtke


Katie works on operations in DC, building and expanding internal systems to support the backend logistics of a growing team. She also onboards team members joining our DC office.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Katie was a project manager at Chemonics where she helped implement USAID-funded projects in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. She has a master’s degree in International Administration from the University of Denver and degrees in history and communications from Michigan State University. Katie bleeds green and avid explorer of Maryland hiking trails.

Paul Goodman


Paul works in business development, sales, and customer success via our San Francisco office. He loves supporting teams that are building with Mapbox, from startups creating innovative apps to established companies launching at scale.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Paul co-founded Acopio, a social enterprise delivering technology solutions to coffee and cacao farmers in Latin America. He has a background in international development and has helped organizations large and small think strategically about how to use technology to solve real-world problems. Paul holds an MA in information management and systems from UC-Berkeley and a BA in international affairs from the George Washington University.

Ryan Clark


Ryan Clark is a geologist turned coder with a passion for providing scientists with simple, open-source tools that help keep their data flexible, open, and accessible. At Mapbox he works on maintaining server infrastructure, hacking on our various data-processing pipelines and improving our devops tools.

Ryan holds a master’s degree in Geology and Geochemistry from MIT. In his free time, he enjoys keeping in touch with his geologic roots by building applications that try to convey geologic information to the broader public. When he’s not writing code, Ryan tries to balance his love of pie, great coffee and tequila with plenty of rock-climbing and hours of Crossfit.

Mick Thompson


Mick Thompson is an experienced engineer with a focus on web application development at Mapbox. He works on the Mapbox API and keeps maps loading fast.

Mick was most recently at Code for America helping cities use technology to more effectively deliver city services. Before joining CfA he built web apps and APIs for Occipital’s 360 Panorama. Mick grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico and enjoys hiking, camping, and snowboarding.

Edith Quispe is a power OpenStreetMap contributor and leads operations at Mapbox Peru.

Prior to Mapbox Edith worked as an accountant. She holds a degree from the Universidad Nacional de San Cristobál de Huamanga. In her spare time, Edith enjoys traveling.

Tatiana is a designer at Mapbox and fills her days illustrating, animating, and breathing personality into our growing product suite.

Tatiana has a master’s degree in Visual Arts, focusing on Graphic and Multimedia design at Sint-Lucas, School of Arts in Ghent and a bachelor’s degree in Development and Design at Howest University College in Kortrijk, Belgium.

When she’s not working, Tatiana loves cooking, taking pictures and traveling.

Camille Teicheira


Camille is a developer at Mapbox. She builds backend systems and frontend data visualizations for monitoring and improving the worldwide performance of Mapbox maps.

Camille is a co-organizer of Maptime SF, a weekly meetup group for collaborative learning of mapping technologies.

Camille recently graduated from Hackbright Academy, an intensive engineering program for women, where she worked on a cutting edge web-based photoplethysmographic project. Prior to Hackbright and Mapbox she was learning about maps and supporting the team at Stamen Design. Camille holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociocultural Anthropology from UC Berkeley.

When not working or painting, Camille is probably hunting down burritos by bicycle.

Carol Hansen


Carol is an engineer working to strengthen and expand Mapbox APIs, web services, and other awesome Mapbox tools. She brings her experience in web development, GIS, and her passion for open data and civic innovation.

Before joining Mapbox, Carol worked as a software engineer for MITRE, volunteered with the Code for Boston CfA Brigade, and has been involved in a number of open source projects. She holds degrees in both International Studies and Computer Science. Outside of coding, Carol enjoys commuting by bike, sipping craft beers, playing guitar, and most recently skeet shooting.

Nick Ingalls


Nick is an engineer who’s active in the OpenStreetMap community, contributing to projects like the New York City building import and Open Addresses. He brings his experience in geography and GIS, and his passion for OpenStreetMap to solving tough problems like geocoding and automated data processing.

Before joining Mapbox, Nick studied Geomatics at the University of New Brunswick, built tools for teachers, and designed lighting sets for the Saint John Theatre Company. When Nick isn’t coding, he’s climbing rock walls and participating in biathlons.

Damon Burgett


Damon is a designer, developer, and geographer at Mapbox. He blends a diverse array of experience in GIS, remote sensing, geomorphology, design, and illustration in an innovative approach to geographic data analysis and visualization.

Damon is a graduate of the Geography program at San Francisco State University. Previously, he was a GIS Analyst, Graphic Designer, and Planner at the Port of San Francisco. A native of the Pacific Northwest, he can often be found backpacking, snowboarding, and slow roasting meat over an open flame.

Camilla Mahon


Camilla is an imagery specialist at Mapbox where she works with the satellite team to analyze environmental and remotely sensed data. She also works to facilitate the transition of traditional pipelines into fully open-source powered workflows.

Camilla comes to us from Clark University, where she studied spatial statistics and advanced remote sensing. Having worked in community development and natural resource conservation, she is interested in earth systems science and urban resilience in a rapidly changing world. When not working with data, Camilla can be found adventuring on her bike, coaching ice hockey, or attempting to play the drums.

Amy Lee is a designer at Mapbox where she brings visual narrative and systems-based design thinking to the cartography team. She designs beautiful maps, works on our core datasets, builds apps for testing and QA-ing our design releases, and often speaks to the design and GIS community about the space between design, narrative, and place.

Amy Lee holds an MFA in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). At MICA, Amy Lee coalesced traditional graphic design with physical computing, creative code, and digital fabrication. Born and raised in Southwest Ohio, Amy Lee only eats her chili over spaghetti and loves a good game of cornhole.

Patrick Niklaus


Patrick is a computer scientist working on the directions team. He is a contributor to OpenStreetMap and to projects such as alaCarte, a CSS-based map renderer. Patrick brings his experience in algorithms and C++ and his passion for solving tough problems.

Patrick is currently pursuing a degree in computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Lauren Budorick


Lauren is a developer at Mapbox. Coming to software development from a background in experience design, she works on building intuitive Mapbox products that span the full stack.

Lauren graduated last year from Hackbright Academy, where she built an elevation-based running route generator. Prior to Hackbright, she worked as a UX designer at a digital agency in Alexandria, Virginia, rearchitecting sites for health research and foreign aid organizations. Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University, where she double-majored in public policy studies and visual arts.

When not writing code, Lauren enjoys photography, traveling, and pondering how she survived the first 22 years of her life on the east coast with so comparatively few avocados.

Morgan Herlocker


Morgan is a developer at Mapbox. As an advocate for open source, he is dedicated to making data analysis as accessible as possible across the web. He is the creator of Turf – a modular Javascript GIS engine optimized for simplicity, along with dozens of other Node.js modules centered around data analysis.

Morgan is an expert in predictive modeling, and his previous experience includes creating forecasting algorithms for many international retail brands. Morgan holds a degree in Philosophy and Political Science from the College of Charleston.

Karen Shea


Karen is a designer at Mapbox who dabbles in cartography and development. She helps grow design at Mapbox by bringing analytical perspective and healthy curiosity to the team.

Karen made the transition to Mapbox after finishing an undergraduate degree in graphic design at MICA, where she spent four years trying everything at least once. Her experience includes stints in design studios, non-profits and freelance work. While not at Mapbox, she is probably getting ironically lost while exploring Washington, DC or baking bread.

Luis Alanya Ortega is a power OpenStreetMap contributor. As part of the data team, he continuously improves OpenStreetMap mapping buildings and updating road networks across the United States.

Luis studies psychology at the Universidad de San Martín de Porres in Lima, Peru.

As part of our data team, Richman continuously improves OpenStreetMap updating roads, adding buildings, and fixing systematic map issues around the world.

Richman studied Systems Engineering at San Cristobál de Huamanga University in Peru. Before joining Mapbox, he worked at Eco-Management Piura, Peru and as a system administrator at the Jesús Nazareno clinic in Ayacucho, Peru.

Danny Aiquipa Pacheco is a power OpenStreetMap contributor. As part of the data team, she continuously improves OpenStreetMap, adding new roads and updating road networks across the United States and around the world.

Danny studied Systems Engineering at the San Cristobál de Huamanga University in Peru. Besides mapping on OpenStreetMap she loves programming in Java. Before joining Mapbox she worked for the Instituto de Consultoría y Especialización del Peru.

Shiv works on data acquisition, new markets, and mapping at Mapbox. Before joining the team, he was an international education consultant and had roles in sales, market research, association management, international development, and GIS.

Shiv has degrees in Business and Economics with concentrations in Communications and Political Science. Originally from southern India where his family runs a sustainable coffee plantation, he has traveled throughout the developing world and lived in east Africa. Among the things he is most passionate about are street food, tennis, and travel.

Matt Irwin


Matt works on business and strategy, humanitarian collaborations, and bringing Mapbox to government.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Matt was a diplomat at the State Department where he mediated boundary disputes, supported regional peace talks, and liaised with rebel groups throughout the Middle East. Most recently he led State’s Syria team and helped coordinate the intelligence community’s Syria activities. In his spare time, Matt can be found road or cyclocross racing, playing the banjo, baking pies, or conducting oceanographic research in the fjords of British Columbia. He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in philosophy and has lived in Kinshasa, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Damascus.

Peter Liu


Peter builds interfaces for Mapbox editing software, and enjoys unpacking complex systems into manageable pieces.

Before Mapbox, Peter was the first designer at Affirm, and produced data visualizations for Trulia, Causes, and Mode. Much to his parents’ chagrin, he is also on indefinite sabbatical from a master’s degree in design.

Originally from Guangzhou, China, Peter studied psychobiology at UCLA and is an avid noodle enthusiast.

Katy DeCorah


Katy is obsessed with using technology in new and unique ways. She loves sharing her ideas and design process to empower others to push the boundaries of what is possible with design and technology. As an instructor, Katy breaks down dense topics in understandable and entertaining ways.

Before joining Mapbox, Katy improved usability and accessibility in state government. She holds an undergraduate degree in History from Siena College and a master’s degree in Information Science from the University at Albany.

Tom Lee


Tom works with Mapbox’s data team to open geodata for our users and the entire world. With a background in open data policy and software engineering, he’s the perfect fit to help us push new frontiers on data accessibility.

Tom spent the last six years leading the labs team at the Sunlight Foundation. Prior to that he built websites for large nonprofits and House and Senate offices using technologies that he would now prefer to forget. He’s always up for a conversation about physical computing, bicycles, and Halloween.

Cathryn Stickel


Cathryn supports our growing team by developing smart systems and processes that help us scale fast and keep our culture strong. She brings this same approach to the business, logistics, and finance side, touching all operations at Mapbox.

Cathryn previously spent three years running operations at FrontlineSMS, helping to transition the company from a small nonprofit to an international business with offices on three continents. She has a master’s degree in global communications from the George Washington University.

Ali Anthes


Ali has the dual role of account manager and support, bringing new users on to Mapbox and helping existing ones better use our platform - and bridging everything in between.

Before joining Mapbox, Ali worked as a pastry chef and designed custom shelving at The Container Store. She has a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and the History of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Johan Uhle


Johan is part of the engineering team at Mapbox. He works on the infrastructure that powers the Mapbox platform, making sure that maps are processed and delivered reliably and fast.

Johan has a background in rock and electronic music, playing and organizing shows. Later he combined his passions of music and technology by organizing music and art hackathons.

Johan currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Hasso Plattner Institute. Previously he worked in the API team of SoundCloud.

Andreas is a designer at Mapbox. Trained as an architect and urban designer, he brings a critical eye for map design and visual storytelling to the design team.

An East Coast import, Andreas grew up in the Boston area and most recently graduated from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Before Mapbox, he was a fellow at Stamen Design, where he worked on mapping the Bay Area’s public transit systems. He previously worked as an architect and urban designer in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and New York City.

Andrey is an OpenStreetMap expert at Mapbox. He works on our data team to continuously improve our maps based on customer feedback and algorithmic error detection. Andrey is a seasoned OpenStreetMap expert with many years of experience and he is actively involved in the mapping community in his hometown in Ukraine and beyond.

Before joining Mapbox, Andrey worked as an economist at Interbank. He holds an economics degree from Dnipropetrovsk State University and in his spare time, he loves taking photos and spending time with his family.

Lyzi Diamond


Lyzi focuses on community building and education, making our tools and products fun and accessible for all users through super awesome documentation, guides, and tutorials.

Lyzi is also co-founder of Maptime, a beginner-oriented learning environment geared toward maps and programming with chapters all over the world. Before joining Mapbox, Lyzi was a fellow at Code for America working with city governments to help them better use technology. She holds a dual degree in Geography and Planning, Public Policy, and Management from the University of Oregon.

Blake Thompson


Blake is a member of the engineering team. He has a passion for solving complex problems in software, especially those that involve large amounts of data or must be done in a small amount of time.

Prior to working at Mapbox, Blake developed high throughput and low latency weather visualization systems, a weather push notification system, and high volume weather data APIs. He also has experience doing algorithm development and safety analysis for a GPS corrections and integrity monitoring system for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Blake graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Brad Leege


Brad is an engineer at Mapbox, making our tools run just as smoothly on mobile devices as they do on the web. He recently built out the mobile stack at the University of Wisconsin, has collaborated on iTunes U with Apple and business process automation with ShopBop and Amazon, and built websites for the Seattle Mariners and New York Rangers. He’s passionate about open source, open data, and sharing both with others.

Brad has a degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin. He’s an avid traveler, soccer fanatic, and craft beer enthusiast. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sajjad Anwar


Sajjad builds data processing and productivity tools to scale our data team. He has been working closely with OpenStreetMap data and technology for over 6 years. As a strong advocate of open data, he is actively involved in its movement in India with initiatives like DataMeet and GeoBLR.

Prior to Mapbox, Sajjad built a platform for monitoring natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the data infrastructure to improve accountability and transparency of public schooling in Karnataka, India. Sajjad holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Ruth Maben


Ruth is a data analyst at Mapbox improving vital datasets like OpenStreetMap.

Ruth holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Mysuru University. Prior to joining Mapbox Ruth managed operations in quality and training departments of telecom companies. Ruth is big into sports and played for the Karnataka State Women’s Cricket Team for eight years.

A veteran of technology law and policy, Michael leads Mapbox’s legal work and works on business and strategy.

Prior to Mapbox, Michael was Director of Digital Learning and Legal Advisor to the Chairman at the Federal Communications Commission, where he oversaw a five billion dollar expansion of the FCC’s investment in broadband to schools, creation of the U.S.’s largest ever rural broadband extension program, and several major FCC open data efforts. Prior to the FCC, Michael led efforts to expand access to lifesaving drugs in poor countries through licensing reform and patent litigation, and he worked on copyright and consumer privacy at the Center for Democracy & Technology. On the weekend, Michael heads to the mountains. Michael graduated from Yale University and Yale Law School and clerked for Judge David S. Tatel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Srividya works with the Mapbox data team on improving OpenStreetMap, the free and editable map of the world powering Mapbox Streets.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Srividya built web applications for non-profit organizations. She is a contributor to a series of open source projects, where she has focused on localization projects and translations into Kannada and Hindi. As a member of Women in Free Software India she helps women to contribute to free and open source projects. Srividya holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

An accomplished contributor to OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, Arun helps lead our mapping efforts on OpenStreetMap and other vital datasets powering the Mapbox platform.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Arun helped the Tata Institute of Social Sciences to design the geography portion of their digital literacy program. Arun holds a degree in interaction design from National Institute of Design and a degree in telecommunication engineering from Anna University.

Vanessa Frontiero


Vanessa is part of our operations team where she creates systems that help run our business, supports our team across five time zones, and keeps our SF office running tight. She nails the logistics behind the scene and makes sure our team can run fast and strong.

Previously, Vanessa researched the intersection of health and technology, and supported social entrepreneurs in Washington, DC and Ghana as they launched and scaled their businesses. She holds a master’s degree in Epidemiology from the George Washington University, and is equal parts traveler, runner, Bostonian, and guacamole enthusiast.

Minh Nguyễn


Minh is an engineer at Mapbox, bringing a love of maps and open data to our mobile platform.

Minh is a longtime contributor to Wikipedia and a prolific mapper for OpenStreetMap. Previously, he worked on developer tools at Apple and on presentation software at Microsoft. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Emily McAfee


Emily is a developer at Mapbox who loves using programming to support connections between the online and physical worlds.

Emily has a degree in History from Swarthmore College and is a graduate of General Assembly’s web development immersive program. A California native, she enjoys anything that will get her outside – especially running, biking, and ultimate frisbee.

Eliane analyzes and improves Mapbox Streets data based on customer feedback and strategic needs.

Before joining Mapbox, Eliane helped implement inventory software with DIRESA, Peru’s health department. She holds a degree in systems engineering from San Cristóbal of Huamanga University.

César is a data specialist at Mapbox continuously improving OpenStreetMap - one of the key datasets powering Mapbox Streets.

César holds a degree in systems engineering from San Cristóbal of Huamanga University. Before joining Mapbox, César worked as a database architect in his university’s IT office.

As part of the Mapbox data team, Karito is improving OpenStreetMap from satellite imagery. Recently she added fresh road data in Caracas, Venezuela.

Before joining Mapbox, Karito worked with the Peruvian census. She holds a degree in systems engineering from San Cristóbal of Huamanga University.

Thiago Santos


Thiago is a performance and graphics expert at Mapbox. Thiago brings his passion for maps and low level engineering to bear on building the fastest APIs for web and mobile platforms.

Before joining Mapbox, Thiago tuned major browsers for the Intel platform and opened Brazil’s IBGE PDF maps for digitization in OpenStreetMap.

Nina Armah


Nina works on sales and accounts to support our customers and helps scale our billing systems in smart ways.

Before joining Mapbox, Nina specialized in patent prosecution and worked on a clean water project in Haiti. Nina holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She has a passion for making things – out of yarn, paper, or lines of code.

Zach Beattie


Zach works with our business development team out of the Garage in Washington, D.C. He fields sales questions and finds creative ways to reach new Mapbox users.

Before joining Mapbox, Zach co-founded SafeTrek, a mobile app that helps people in unsafe situations easily connect with the police. Zach also has a background in comedy and has facilitated improv workshops that help companies innovate on idea generation, product development, and creative collaboration. He attended the University of Missouri, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

Chethan helps us add improved content on OpenStreetMap based on customer feedback and automated error monitoring.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Chethan worked as a consultant for information security products at Aeronautical Development Agency ensuring data integrity. Chethan holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Ramya works with the data team on improving vital data sets like OpenStreetMap based on satellite imagery and customer feedback.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Ramya worked as a Build Engineer and also as a freelance tamil translator. She is an alumnus of the Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) in Pilani and holds a degree in Information Systems.

Alice Kuo


Alice works with teams across Mapbox to dive into and solve hard business problems. Her data science skills, background as an analyst, and experience running a business line help us grow in a smart way.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Alice graduated from Zipfian Academy where she built an image classifier by applying machine learning algorithms. Before enrolling at Zipfian, Alice ran the e-commerce business of a health startup and worked as a web analyst for a home decor retailer. She holds a degree from Wellesley College where she studied Psychology and Economics, which explains why she enjoys analyzing just about anything and everything. Alice also enjoys traveling, uncovering the food scene wherever she goes, and experiencing childlike excitement at the sight of any dog.

Chau Nguyen


Chau is a computer scientist working on the directions team. She works on improving the routing backend using her knowledge of graph theory and algorithms.

In her free time she enjoys hip-hop dancing, singing in a choir and eating ice cream. She also organizes a coding camp to introduce teenage girls to programming.

Jake Pruitt


Jake works on improving the speed and reliability of the infrastructure behind our various data processing pipelines. Jake brings a solid knowledge of the node.js open source ecosystem and a passion for data visualization.

Jake has a background in front-end map-based applications and back-end architectures. He has also worked in marketing and geochronology while going to school at Arizona State University.

Lucas Wojciechowski


Lucas is a software engineer at Mapbox where he works on Mapbox GL and the Mapbox data platform. He graduated from the University of Waterloo Software Engineering program in the class of 2015.

In his free time, he enjoys long distance running and mountaineering, as well as making trail maps of the kinds of places those hobbies take him.

Scott Andrews


As a member of the engineering team, Scott applies his deep understanding of JavaScript and front-end development to a growing enthusiasm for geospatial data.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Scott led the development effort for Flux Metro, a tool to visualize urban planning codes. He gained the open source itch as the JavaScript team lead within the Spring Framework. Scott graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Information Technology.

Maya Gao


As part of the design team, Maya creates beautiful, intuitive interfaces and enhances the overall user experience on and across all our tools.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Maya designed websites and mobile applications for travelers at Lonely Planet. She also helped build WordPress content management widgets for journalists at Upstatement. Maya holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Tongji University, Shanghai.

Jason Wray


Jason is an engineer at Mapbox, working with the mobile and support teams to help developers get the most out of Mapbox Mobile.

A native Oregonian, Jason spends most of his spare time cycling and exploring. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Portland State University and has studied at Hokkaido University and Ryukoku University in Japan.

Jinal is part of the data team and is responsible for creating and improving map data on platforms like OpenStreetMap. She focuses on working through a variety of issues identified by our automated error monitoring tool, customers, and satellite imagery.

Jinal holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. While in school, she has worked on conceptualization and designing of applications in fields of safety, Market Research and Fitness. She loves interacting with people and has passion for organizing and managing events. She also enjoys writing poetry.

Pratik works as a data analyst at Mapbox and focuses improving OpenStreetMap data using a combination of satellite imagery, customer feedback, and probe data.

Pratik joins the team with a background in GIS and remote sensing. He holds a master’s in Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation with a specialization in geoinformatics from University of Twente, Netherlands. When not staring at maps, he loves motorcycling, traveling off the beaten path, and tea.

Virginia Yung


Virginia is an imagery data scientist at Mapbox, working with the satellite team to improve all aspects of our image processing chain.

Virginia is a recent graduate of the Data Science program at Zipfian Academy where she focused on practical applications of machine learning and computer vision. Prior to enrolling at Zipfian, Virginia worked as a product data analyst at Zendesk and as a data scientist at a CRM startup. She holds a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Washington. In her free time, Virginia enjoys cooking, skiing, swimming, and hanging out with her dog Mochi.

Jacques Tardie


Jacques is an imagery specialist at Mapbox, helping the satellite team scale our basemap processing pipeline and aiding in data acquisition. He is interested in how we perceive place, especially in light of the increasingly available amount of imagery and computational power available to interact with it.

Jacques comes to Mapbox from the coast of Maine, having just finished a short stint in Seattle, WA at the Code Fellow’s Python development accelerator. Prior to that, he worked as a Biologist helping to restore Atlantic salmon habitat in Maine. In his free time, Jacques hikes, attempts to play soccer, and reads.

Bruno Abinader


Bruno is an application developer at Mapbox. He is an expert in C++ and Rust and brings his experience with parallel programming to build the fastest mapping library for phones and the web.

Before joining Mapbox, Bruno was hacking browser engines at Samsung and is one of the top contributors of the Servo engine, the new open source browser engine from Mozilla written in Rust.

Jeremy Stratman


Jeremy focuses on business development and strategy, as well as growing new partnerships across industries.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Jeremy served as an officer in the Army where he managed operations and intelligence during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Most recently, he ran merchandising operations for an industrial supply giant. Jeremy holds a master’s degree in GIS from Penn State and a BS in GIS from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Nikhil is a map analyst at Mapbox, working on continuously improving vital datasets like OpenStreetMap that power our beautiful maps.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Nikhil was working at Tech Mahindra helping them test telecommunication networks. He is an open source enthusiast and holds a degree in computing applications. Nikhil likes to read world history and play computer games.

Siyu Song


Siyu is a Software Engineer at Mapbox. He works on the backend systems that support the various teams at Mapbox. Siyu is passionate about creating tools and workflows to help designers and developers work more efficiently.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Siyu worked in visual effects at Lucasfilm and Dreamworks Animation. Outside of Mapbox you can find Siyu on stage performing improv comedy and weird experimental theater.

Siyu holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Max Sirenko


Max focuses on business development, product marketing, and user adoption.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Max worked as a venture capital associate at DFJ Growth, where he covered startups in enterprise software, machine learning, and next generation aerospace. Before that, Max performed financial and strategic analysis for technology clients at Citigroup. Max holds a dual bachelor’s degree from Duke University in Computer Science and Economics and he enjoys hiking, live music, and east-coast style swing dancing.

Aarthy works on improving OpenStreetMap and other vital datasets that power our maps through analyzing satellite imagery, customer feedback and probe data from our partners.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Aarthy was finishing her bachelor’s in computer science. She is passionate about programming, data science and machine learning. While in college, she started Sanshray, an NGO that supports minorities through training in communication and business. Aarthy is an avid music lover and in a parallel universe owns a rock ‘n roll cafe.

Daniel Hofmann


Daniel is a Software Engineer at Mapbox. He works in the directions team where he builds and improves applications for the Mapbox stack.

He comes to Mapbox with a deep background in modern and idiomatic C++14 and an interest in geospatial analysis.

Daniel graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, specializing in parallel programming and distributed systems. He is based in Berlin, Germany.

Oindrila works on the data team to expedite data improvements on OpenStreetMap by analyzing satellite imagery, and our customer’s feedback.

Oindrila brings a deep interest in data sciences, machine learning and algorithms, and software development. Prior to joining Mapbox, she was a developer for KDE, and an active member of the Durgapur Linux Users’ Group. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. In her free time, Oindrila enjoys traveling, photographing anything that strikes her fancy, cooking, and quilling.

Dan Swick


Dan is on the support team at Mapbox, where he works with developers to make sure their maps are running smoothly and looking great. He works with the development team to ensure user feedback gets rolled into the next iteration of Mapbox tools. He also writes documentation and creates guides to help new Mapbox users find the information they need.

Before joining Mapbox, Dan was a project manager at the Delta Institute, where he worked with Great Lakes communities, businesses, and governments to build a more environmentally resilient region. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Kansas. Before coming to San Francisco, Dan also started Maptime Chicago. After work, Dan can usually be found pedaling towards the woods.

Bryan Housel


Bryan is a software engineer at Mapbox working with Mapbox GL and OpenStreetMap. He loves the challenge of building software that is both functional and a joy to use.

Bryan is an avid open source contributor, presenter at OpenStreetMap’s State of the Map conference, and current maintainer of OpenStreetMap’s iD editor. Prior to joining Mapbox, he built a solo consultancy in New York City solving problems for some of the largest organizations in the financial, legal, and healthcare industries.

When not in front of a computer, Bryan enjoys running long distances on trails and cooking with fire. Bryan holds dual bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering from Drexel University and currently lives in New Providence, New Jersey.

Daniel Patterson


Daniel is an engineer at Mapbox, working on all things Directions. He spends his day thinking about GPS data streaming, statistics and graph theory.

Prior to Mapbox, Daniel ran SkiTrails, a system to put live GPS data on maps for cross-country skiers.

Outside the office, Daniel likes to spend his time playing wherever there are mountains, preferably on a pair of skis.

Tim Channell


Tim is an engineer at Mapbox, working on data analysis, vizualization and pipelines. He brings his experience with GIS and data analysis from a background in precision agriculture, where he began using PostGIS, became a contributor to Turf, and started writing computational geometry algorithms.

Before joining Mapbox, Tim was a web developer and analyst at MyFarms, where he built tools for precision agriculture. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & New Media from Taylor University.

Jothirnadh focuses on improving OpenStreetMap using satellite imagery and probe data, analysing customers feedback, and leveraging tools like JOSM.

Jothi is a recent graduate from the University of Twente, Netherlands, where he completed his master’s degree in geoinformatics. Prior to joining Mapbox, Jothi was extensively using JOSM to study the quality of urban expansion with the Urban Expansion Observatory of India, in partnership with the NYU-Stern School of Business. In his free time, Jothi enjoys a great meal, playing badminton, and watching movies.

Andrew Pendleton


Andrew works on our geocoding team, at the intersection of elegant computer science and unruly real-world data.

Prior to Mapbox, Andrew worked at the Sunlight Foundation, where he built large-scale text analysis, database and API systems while serving as an advocate for open government and open data. When not writing code, he enjoys overly ambitious cooking projects (he can tell you about sausage-making in both the governmental and charcuterial senses of the word), spending time on bikes and yoga mats, and seeing theater and live music.

Maning is a long time contributor of OpenStreetMap in the Philippines. He focuses on expanding our mapping processes and help us interface actively with the OSM community.

As an active OSM community member, he conducts regular workshops, talks and mapping events to encourage more contributors to OSM. Prior to joining Mapbox, he worked with various grassroots, local government, research and academic organizations in using free and open source geospatial software in Southeast Asia.

Sanjay Bhangar


Sanjay builds tools to scale our data operations. He has been a web developer for over 9 years, with extensive experience in online video and mapping technologies.

Sanjay is a co-founder of CAMP, an artists’ space in Mumbai. He was instrumental in the project as well as several projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible in a web browser. Prior to joining Mapbox, he worked on the Digital Gazetteer for the New York Public Library and led development to build a platform for data on public schools in Karnataka, India.

Abhishek is a map analyst at Mapbox where he focuses on improving OpenStreetMap using satellite imagery, probe data, and analyzing customer feedback.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Abhishek was preparing datasets to study the quality of urban expansion with the Urban Expansion Observatory (UXO) of India. Abhishek is a foodie, loves travelling in his free time, and is an avid fan of cricket. He holds a master’s degree in Geoinformatics.

Aruna builds tools to improve and simplify data processing and geocoding. She is a contributor to the GNOME project and helped write documentation and build features into GCompris.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Aruna was building games for high school students using cocos2d and writing for Brainwave - a children’s science publication. Aruna likes to sing and is passionate about teaching. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Mikel Maron builds collaborative processes to improve our data, advances our work with OpenStreetMap and helps grow the adoption of open geo data in businesses, governments and education.

As Presidential Innovation Fellow at the US State Department Mikel has driven OpenStreetMap adoption across federal agencies. He is co-founder of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, co-founder of Map Kibera and GroundTruth Initiative and founding member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. He holds a master’s degree in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex, and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz.

Zachariah Mully


As a member of the Mapbox engineering team, Zack focuses on stability, security and availability across the breadth of Mapbox’s diverse infrastructure.

Zack is a veteran of several DC startups in the engineering and digital media industries, where he honed his skills maintaining and managing high-volume, business critical services. He also enjoys embedded electronics development with a focus on energy efficient positioning and LED lighting systems.

Zack received his bachelor’s degree from Williams College, where he double majored in Chemistry and Chinese. He can usually be found in the company of his three rescued pitbulls, LooAnn, Hoss and Lolo.

Matthew is an engineer at Mapbox, working on leveraging the Mapbox platform to empower the simple creation of beautiful maps.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Matthew led the engineering team at Social Tables where he created simple and collaborative event planning tools for the hospitality and meetings industry. In his free time Matthew can be found playing soccer, backpacking, reading or binge watching tragically canceled sci-fi shows.

Antonio Zugaldia


Antonio is an Android engineer on the mobile team at Mapbox. He is very passionate about the future of the Android platform, from phones to smartwatches to TVs.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Antonio co-founded Silica Labs, a startup focused on wearable software development and worked for the World Health Organization supporting disaster response and preparedness as part of its Emergency Operations Center. Antonio has a degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Granada in Spain, and he is an active member of the DC developer community. He co-organizes the local Google Developer Group (GDG DC) and co-founded DC Android (DCA).

Matthew Perry


Matt is a software engineer making Mapbox’s products better for decision makers. Active in the FOSS4G community since its inception, Matt has been developing open source software for geospatial data analysis and natural resource management for over a decade.

Matt received his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech, majoring in Psychology and Statistics. He received an MS in Natural Resource Planning and Interpretation from Humboldt State University. Formerly a lead developer at Ecotrust in Portland, OR, he currently lives with his family on the island of Grenada.

Chris Kottke


Chris heads up finance for Mapbox, making sure the business runs smoothly and efficiently to keep our users and team members happy.

Prior to Mapbox, Chris was head of finance and operations at Starfish Retention Solutions, helping lead it through a successful exit by acquisition. Chris was also the COO of Height Capital, a capital markets firm, where he established and managed the full business operations.

Chris received his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and his BS in Business from Miami University. When not engrossed in budgeting or an Excel model, he’s usually hanging out with his wife and dog or taking his electric moped for a spin around DC.

Moritz Kobitzsch


Moritz is an engineer at Mapbox and part of the directions team. With a background in complex routing algorithms and a fable for graph theory, he dives into the deepest parts of the routing backend.

Prior to Mapbox, Moritz acquired his PhD in computer science, working on alternative-route algorithms.

In his free time, Moritz can most often be found outdoors. His desire to discover drives him to explore the world on his bike, hanging from the side of a mountain, or vanishing into the ocean.

Xiaowei Wang


As part of the design team, Xiaowei focuses on map design and cartography. With a background in landscape architecture and user interface design, she brings a passion for ecology, data visualization and turning complex interactions into user-friendly experiences.

Prior to Mapbox, Xiaowei worked on a number of mapping projects at Situ Research and helped develop user interfaces at Meedan. After growing up in Boston, receiving an MLA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a BA from Harvard College, she has finally fled cold New England winters for sunny Oakland, CA.

Alexandra Ulsh


Alex makes sure our cloud infrastructure is secure, stable, and able to perform under high demand in any part of the world. She’s a lead organizer of Women Who Code DC’s weekly Front End Hack Night and active in the larger DC Women in Tech community. Before joining Mapbox, Alex built, configured, and secured large intranets for the Department of Defense.

In her free time, Alex enjoys running, snowboarding, playing guitar, and exploring DC by bike or by foot. She has a BA in International Relations from The College of William & Mary.

Emily DuBois


Emily is a developer at Mapbox. She loves creating imaginative solutions to reduce operational inefficiencies and improve user experiences.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Emily worked as an energy efficiency analyst at Opower. She holds a BA in Environmental Sciences from Northwestern University, where she investigated the role of coral skeletal geometries in predicting bleaching susceptibility. In her free time, she enjoys running, cycling, cooking, illustrating, and skunking opponents in cribbage.

Tobrun Van Nuland


Tobrun is a software engineer at Mapbox. He works on the mobile team and brings a solid knowledge of the Java language and the Android platform combined with a passion for support.

Prior to Mapbox, Tobrun worked as an Android developer in Belgium where he created apps such as KBC Mobile Banking and Isabel Multibanking. He has a BA in Applied Informatics from the University College in Leuven, Belgium. He is fascinated by software development, technology, and infrastructure. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, reading, playing video games and watching sports.

Sam Matthews


Sam is a developer working with the Mapnik team to bring more reliable maps to the Mapbox platform. He is passionate about making open source tools as welcoming as possible through clear documentation and zero assumptions.

Before joining Mapbox, Sam helped improve health service delivery at Code for America. He is the co-founder of Maptime Seattle and helps organize CUGOS in Seattle, WA.

Prior moving to Seattle, his home was the Cartography Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he has degrees in Environmental Geography and Conservation Biology.

Jesse Bounds


Jesse is an engineer at Mapbox. He loves making tools that allow developers to easily create beautiful and useful representations of the world around them in their applications.

Jesse earned a master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since then he has lived in New York City, Boston, and San Francisco focusing mainly on mobile application development.

Hannah Gelfond


Hannah works alongside our CEO Eric, running logistics to keep the company moving at full speed and supporting operations in the SF office.

Hannah is an SF native with a background in the arts, having spent the last couple years dancing with the Carolina Ballet. She now joins Mapbox with experience in digital mapping, after working with Apple Maps and earning a degree in geography and GIS from UCLA.

Brendan works in finance at Mapbox. His background in physics, accounting, and consulting all come together when he’s making sure our business runs fast, efficiently, and strategically. If there’s a repetitive manual task in a workflow, Brendan will find it and destroy it.

Brendan discovered Mapbox while developing a hobby project to conduct public transit monitoring after a few too many delayed commutes. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Johns Hopkins and a master’s degree in accounting from American University. In his free time he’s traveling for leisure or for the next flag football tournament.

Noemi Walzebuck


Noemi helps developers and product teams discover Mapbox. Working out of San Francisco, she also builds great sales systems as we scale our sales operations.

Before joining Mapbox, Noemi led business development projects at Planet OS, a startup building big data tools for environmental sensor networks. She previously sold enterprise software to cattle ranchers at Summer Technologies and has also worked in venture capital. Noemi holds a bachelor’s degree in Earth Systems and a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Stanford University.

Molly Lloyd


Molly is an engineer working on bringing Mapbox tools to life for our users. She has a background in data visualization, cartography, and software development that allows her to be creative with the Mapbox stack as well as contribute to ongoing development of Mapbox software and APIs.

Before Mapbox, Molly worked at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, DC. She recently completed an immersive software engineering course at Makersquare where her team used Mapbox tools to build wiggler, a routing application that helps bicyclists avoid hills in San Francisco. Outside of work Molly enjoys reading, hiking, and volunteering for local social justice organizations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Bhargav Kowshik


Bhargav builds tools to scale our data operations and transit data pipelines. He’s passionate about understanding how cities work through various datasets and building products to solve problems.

Bhargav was the engineering lead at Nextdrop - a platform that tracked water availability and consumption - where he built infrastructure to track water flow. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Krishna is a map analyst at Mapbox and focuses on improving OpenStreetMap and other datasets using satellite imagery, telemetry data and customer feedback.

Krishna has a strong background in field surveying, mapping and GIS from his undergraduate days. He holds a master’s degree in geoinformatics from the Indian Institute of Surveying and Mapping at the Survey of India.

Sean Heffernan


Sean brings new companies to the Mapbox platform and helps existing customers use our full stack. Working out of the DC Garage, he also helps streamline sales outreach processes.

Before joining Mapbox, Sean consulted at Ernst & Young, where he helped federal agencies design business functions around shared service models and align their workforce with strategic goals. In his free time, you can find Sean at the beach in Corolla, NC or following the DC sports circuit. Sean has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Boston College.

Rodolfo is a software engineer with a passion for building great teams and communities. At Mapbox, he works with the data team to develop tools for applying insights to the map.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Rodolfo worked on civic technology, disaster resilience, and open data as co-founder of Codeando México and director of open data for the government of Mexico. During his past gig, he led multiple open source projects to improve data quality and automate data publication. He also helped design policies to adopt open standards within the federal government. To get away from the keyboard, Rodolfo enjoys running for long distances.

Julianne is on our operations team where she supports the entire team, scaling our internal systems as we grow and ensuring we’re utilizing our SF space in the smartest way possible. She manages the logistics and strategy behind team support, our processes, and events.

Before Mapbox, Julianne supported program implementation at the World Bank, the World Wildlife Fund, and University of California Berkeley’s Center for Effective Global Action. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University and a bachelor’s degree in Tropical Biology from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. When she’s not in the office, you are likely to find Julianne exploring the tropical beaches and forests of her home country, Costa Rica.

Poornima works as a map analyst at Mapbox, improving OpenStreetMap and other vital data sets using satellite imagery, telemetry and customer feedback.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Poornima was a research assistant at the Centre for Wildlife Studies and intern at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, working on analysing imagery from camera traps and spatial diversity of birds in India. She is passionate about mapping and wildlife and holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Bangalore University.

Kajari Ghosh


Kajari is an engineer working on Mapbox Studio. She’s a lead organizer of Women Who Code DC’s bi-weekly Algorithms Meetup. She enjoys diving into new technologies and contributing to open source projects. Before Mapbox, Kajari worked on creating interactive data visualizations to work with 3D maps at a small start-up,

She has an MS in Computer Science from Towson University and a BA in Economics from Grinnell College. In her free time she enjoys figure skating and being outside in the sun.

Cameron Mace


Cameron is an Android engineer at Mapbox working alongside the mobile and support teams to help users get the most out of Mapbox Mobile.

Before joining Mapbox, Cameron created a university app allowing users to locate and route to classrooms, find bus lines and their real time locations, and display places of interest. He is actively involved in the OpenStreetMap community and holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from The University of Houston.

As a specialist in technology law and a member of the legal team, Justin supports our team on all law related issues.

Prior to Mapbox, Justin was an Associate at Ropes & Gray, where he advised companies ranging from start-ups to international conglomerates on general corporate matters, intellectual property, privacy and information security. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and sociology from the University of Pennsylvania and a juris doctor degree from Duke University Law School.

Emma Grasmeder


As part of the telemetry team, Emma focuses on improving Mapbox’s understanding of traffic and movement. Emma has strong feelings about social hierarchies, machine learning shortcuts, untested software, and waiting in traffic, which fuels their work on the team.

In the five years prior to joining Mapbox, Emma earned their BA in religious studies, became a schoolbus driver, taught English as an au-pair in Austria, spent three years failing out of a PhD program, and became the chief data scientist of a tech start up. When they’re not thinking about telemetry, Emma is usually thinking about robots, plants, witchcraft, Appalachian folk music, or dismantling systems of oppression.

Nat Slaughter is a designer at Mapbox. With a systematic approach to design learned from years of working in architecture and data visualization, Nat focuses on icon design and cartography.

Before starting at Mapbox, Nat worked as a freelance designer. Some of his past clients include The Whitney Art Museum, Emory University The State of Georgia and artcloud. In his spare time, Nat enjoys observing the built environment with his son, perusing through his map collection and cycling.

Angelina Calderon

Customer Success

Angelina ensures that our customers have everything they need to build and launch great applications. Based in San Francisco, her work involves close coordination with sales, support, and engineering at Mapbox.

Previously Angelina led customer-facing projects and grew the team at The Sourcery, a recruiting consultancy dedicated to helping startup teams scale with the right people. She has also contributed to product development, support, and data analysis for Day of the Shirt, a t-shirt discovery website and mobile app.

Outside Mapbox, Angelina is an open-water swimmer and sings in the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and music from Luther College, and a master’s degree in vocal pedagogy from New England Conservatory.

Ajith Ranka


Ajith works on the engineering team, where he builds tools to scale our OpenStreetMap mapping and validation processes.

Ajith is a developer with an active interest in information and interaction design, functional programming and data visualization. Prior to joining Mapbox, he worked as a developer and a data scientist at Mu Sigma. Ajith holds a master’s degree from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani and is an alumnus of Geekskool, a developer bootcamp.

Hannah Judge

Customer Success

Hannah helps customers get the most out of Mapbox tools as a member of the customer success team. She loves finding new ways for people to understand and interact with their data and believes that maps can always uncover new insights for customers.

Before joining Mapbox, Hannah co-founded Broad Street Maps, a social enterprise that designed and implemented geographic data collection and analysis projects for global health organizations. She has lived in England, India, Peru, Rwanda, and Liberia. Hannah holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Global Health from Middlebury College in Vermont, and loves hiking, skiing, productivity tools, and samosas.

Joel Theodros


Joel helps Mapbox grow through business development and sales. Focused on building relationships with customers and all aspects of the sales cycle, Joel makes sure that our Enterprise customers get the most from Mapbox.

Joel’s career spans client service, quantitative analysis, market expansion, and business development. Prior to joining Mapbox, Joel was based in Europe and helped to build and scale Dropbox’s presence across all of EMEA. Joel holds an MBA from Duke University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California in addition to certificates from the London School of Economics and Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Kai Dalgleish


As a member of the geocoding team, Kai loves exploring the idiosyncratic world of open data and attempting to bring order to chaos.

Kai’s varied background includes boat building, teaching, bookkeeping, and forest defense. They bring over a decade of experience working within small consensus-based collectives to reimagine what our world can be. When they’re not looking at computers, Kai makes art with rusty metal and other salvaged materials, grows food, and cares for thousands of odd pets and one mostly-normal cat.

Matt Ficke


Matt is an engineer on the geocoding team, where he improves our tools and expands our coverage of the globe using open data sources.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Matt worked at the startup ElasticM2M where he built software for automotive GPS devices. He also spent two years as head bartender at the Columbia Room in Washington, DC before enrolling in General Assembly’s web development immersive program. Outside of Mapbox, you’ll find him racing for a local amateur cycling team that hits competitions throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Maanya is a data analyst at Mapbox, focused on improving OpenStreetMap by analyzing satellite imagery, customer feedback, and other open datasets.

Maanya holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and a master’s degree in Geoinformatics. Before joining Mapbox, she worked on understanding the cascading impacts of climate change on the Himalayan cryosphere and glacial lake dynamics at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

Manohar is a data analyst at Mapbox focusing on improving OpenStreetMap data by analyzing satellite imagery, customer feedback, and other open data sources.

Manohar has a bachelor’s in Geoinformatics from Andhra University and a master’s in Geomatics Engineering from Universität Stuttgart in Germany. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, playing cricket, watching football, and traveling.

Xinnong Yang


Xinnong leads up business development in China. He’s based in Shanghai and San Francisco and works with our customers in the Chinese market to build partnerships and get them started with Mapbox.

Prior to joining Mapbox Xinnong was general manager at the location based technology company Versalinks in Shanghai, led up deCarta’s China operations, directed China R & D for Trimble and built geo tools at Autodesk, Esri and ABB.

David Clark


David is a developer working on Mapbox’s web applications. He has experience creating large-scale UI component systems and clean, intuitive experiences. He also maintains and contributes to a number of open source projects.

David taught himself to code while teaching middle and high school English, so he could build useful resources for his students and fellow teachers. Eventually, fascination with these projects drew him into full-time web development. While his computer sleeps, David spends as much time as he can walking among rocks and cacti outside his home in Tucson, Arizona.

Lily Chai


Lily is a data scientist on the telemetry team, working to uncover hidden insights from immense volumes of GPS traces. Her algorithmic work helps to power services like Mapbox Drive and improve open datasets like OpenStreetMap.

From studying electrical engineering to researching materials for sustainable power generation, Lily has always followed her curiosity. She was designing fire-proof acoustic doors and searching for ways to extract the most value from limit test results when she discovered the land of data science. An aspiring minimalist from Vancouver, Canada, Lily loves snowboarding, decluttering her space, and making coffee.

Marissa Fullford


Marissa supports our team at Mapbox. She manages the logistics of the growing DC office and ensures our team has everything they need to run fast.

Prior to Mapbox, Marissa was a student at Arizona State University where she studied public service and public policy in business. She also served as vice president of undergraduate student government and interned with Amazon’s human resources department, where she created new internal systems to help support team members. Marissa is a concert aficionado, bleeds maroon and gold, and is perpetually planning her next hiking adventure.

Bharata is a data analyst at Mapbox where he focuses on improving OpenStreetMap by adding content based on satellite imagery, telemetry data, and customer feedback.

Bharata holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgavi. He is interested in mapping and geoinformatics. Bharata enjoys biking, food, listening to music, and learning about new technologies.

Amisha Singla


Amisha is a developer at Mapbox who focuses on scaling our data operations and assists mapping efforts by improving datasets which power our maps.

Amisha is a recent graduate from the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication technology, Gandhinagar, India where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology. She is passionate about learning and problem solving. In her free time, Amisha likes to play badminton, exploring new places, and playing computer games.

Jen Yu


Jen is based in Mapbox’s San Francisco office where she helps us tell our story.

Before Mapbox, Jen held public relations, strategic communications, and thought leadership roles at the Abernathy MacGregor Group, Aerohive Networks, and Inphi. Jen has a BA in Economics from Smith College.

Outside of work, you’ll find Jen restaurant hopping in search of the best french onion soup.

Natalie Pitcher


Natalie works across the Business, Operations, and Communications teams to lead Mapbox’s presence at conferences and other events, helping to grow Mapbox’s profile across industries.

Prior to Mapbox, Natalie was a documentary television producer, planning film shoots and telling stories about subjects as varied as giant squid, campaign finance reform, and US history. In her free time Natalie enjoys getting creative with crafts and renovating, cooking, and exploring DC. Natalie holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Nate Perkins


Nate grows and supports our team by working to scale recruiting and operations, ensuring that Mapbox can keep running fast around the world.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Nate spent nearly five years working in the Obama White House, going from an Operations Intern to Chief of Staff of the Legislative Affairs team. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the George Washington University.

Upendra works as a data analyst at Mapbox, focusing on improving OpenStreetMap through satellite imagery, probe, telemetry and customer-feedback data.

Upendra holds a degree in Information Techology from Vignan Institute of Information Technology, Visakhapatnam. Prior to joining Mapbox he was a part of Clove Technologies where he worked on digitizing the data of Australian Cities. Apart from maps he also loves playing cricket, watching movies and travelling.

As part of the data team, Galia works on improving OpenSteetMap by analyzing satellite imagery, addressing errors on the map, and editing buildings and roadways across the world.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Galia worked on electoral information processing in Peru’s National Electoral Process Office and at the National Statistics and Informatics Institute. She studied Systems Engineering at the San Cristobal de Huamanga National University in Ayacucho, Peru. In her free time, Galia likes to play sports and going hiking with friends.

Nadia Barbosa


Nadia works on building guides and documentation so users can get started with Mapbox tools. She works closely with the support team to make sure developers have a clear, consistent experience when they get started.

In her free time, Nadia enjoys abstract painting and working on her bucket list of visiting all U.S national parks. She has a certificate in GIS from the University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from American University.

Nick Cordella


Nick is an engineer on the telemetry team. He focuses on using statistical models to turn large GPS data sets into useful products for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles as part of Mapbox Drive.

Before Mapbox he built a lane-level map of vehicle flows for self-driving cars as part of ExoNav. Prior to that he received a PhD and SB in chemical engineering from Stanford and MIT, respectively. He has a huge appetite for hard pretzels and, as a native New Yorker, an anachoristic love for Texas country music.

Yunjie Li


As part of the labs team, Yunjie enjoys crafting innovative experiences with maps. Yunjie works as a designer and front end developer to design powerful and delightful maps that highlight the possibilities of Mapbox tools.

A recent graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Design, she did her thesis on mapping biased cultural perceptions of a city with social media data. Originally from China, she holds a bachelor’s degeree in urban planning and design from Peking University.

In her free time, Yunjie enjoys visualizing novels and history with maps. She can be found wandering in the city and live sketching on her iPad.

Colleen supports users and produces documentation and guides that help new users get started with Mapbox.

Before joining Mapbox, Colleen worked for a non-profit where she created tools and programs that reduce environmental impacts. She holds a master’s degree in sustainable design from the University of Texas at Austin and a dual degree in architecture and environmental science from Miami University.

Ryan Baumann


Ryan integrates engineering, sales, and support skills to help build and implement Mapbox apps. Ryan splits his time between writing code, onboarding new users, and ensuring that Mapbox’s enterprise customers love Mapbox tools and launch successfully.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Ryan worked as a solutions engineer at Caterpillar, where he built applications to make mining operations more efficient and environmentally friendly. As a former pro cyclist, Ryan loves all things outdoors. You’ll find him scouting out Marin County on his mountain bike or hiking Mt. Diablo on the weekends. Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

As part of the data team, Pavel works on improving OpenSteetMap by analyzing satellite imagery, addressing errors on the map, and editing buildings and roadways across the world.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Pavel worked as a programmer in a local software company. He studies Systems Engineering at the San Cristobal of Huamanga University, Peru. In his free time he researches themes such as artificial intelligence, data optimization algorithms, video games and audio processing.

Pilar Gabriela Serrano Quispe is a power OpenStreetMap contributor. As part of the data team, she continuously improves OpenStreetMap, adding new roads and updating road networks across Peru, United States and around the world.

Pilar studied Systems Engineering at the San Cristobál de Huamanga University in Peru. Besides mapping on OpenStreetMap she loves programming in Java. Before joining Mapbox she worked worked for Corte Superior de Justicia in Ayacucho, Peru.

Benjamin Tran Dinh


Benjamin builds the next generation of maps for the automotive industry at Mapbox. He writes algorithms that turn telemetry data into trajectory maps for self-driving cars.

Before Mapbox, Benjamin was a software engineer at ExoNav where he specialized in spatial data algorithms. When he is not coding, you will find him climbing or hiking around California. Benjamin holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - France.

Rasagy Sharma


As a designer at Mapbox, Rasagy focuses on telling engaging stories through data visualisation, bringing design thinking to the data team to improve our mapping tools and workflows, and finding new ways to bring the mapping community together.

Before joining Mapbox, Rasagy worked as a UX Designer at Barclays where he designed fin-tech products for web and mobile platforms. Earlier, he was a Research Associate at the Information Design Lab at IDC, IIT Bombay and worked on interactive visualisations at Microsoft. He studied Information Design at National Institute of Design, Bangalore and Computer Science Engineering at BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.

In his free time, you can find him sketch-noting at events, playing football, and dreaming about playing flute one day.

Kara Mahoney


Kara is an engineer on our platform team focused on security, data pipelines, and making sure our APIs are ready for offline and specialized deployments.

Before Mapbox, Kara developed wilderness search and rescue planning tools with DC area startup Azimuth1. Prior to that she researched natural disaster emergency response and evacuation modeling at Johns Hopkins STIRM lab. She attended George Mason University and, in hopes of consolidating forays into computer science, design, and geology, graduated with a degree in geography. Outside of work, Kara spends the majority of her time on a bicycle and is fond of wandering around on mountains.

Erin Quinn


Erin connects with potential Mapbox users as part of the business development team. Working out of DC, Erin keeps a pulse on our sales funnel and brings new customers to the Mapbox platform.

Prior to joining Mapbox, Erin was a Jesuit Volunteer in Alaska, then ran a social enterprise rafting & climbing company for a non-profit in Colorado. They studied history while rowing for the University of Dayton and continue to be happiest OTW (on the water).