Build better tools for citizens with open data on your own private infrastructure

Get actionable insights from your location data with Mapbox

Mapbox helps federal, state, and local governments make better sense of their data through visualization and analysis. Our tools improve mission-critical outcomes, support coordinated response, and maximize efficiencies and transparency.

Defense & Intelligence

Support a variety of defense & intelligence missions by providing an interoperable system for planning and execution, and, ultimately, better decision making.

Public Safety

Harness the power to analyze, visualize and share location information with the public.

Federal & Civilian

Do more with less by using Mapbox tools to optimize spending, maximize effectiveness, and increasing openness.

State & Local

Gain insights into communities and the needs of their constituents. Use our open mapping solutions to aid in transparency and drive communication.

Use maps to assist decision making

Using the Maps SDK for iOS, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai walks into every meeting with highly detailed maps cached on his iPad. Maps are essential to the FCC's decision making: using Mapbox, they can visualize broadband access at schools and libraries, track enforcement actions against pirate radio stations, and present their plans to Congress.
USA Spending

Ensure transparency and accountability with easy to read maps enhances the ability of citizens to examine and track nearly $4 trillion in annual spending data. The agency needed to promote the transparency of government spending and provide users with tools that make data easy to access, navigate, and use and Mapbox delivered.

Encourage discovery with easy to use maps on web and mobile

With over 417 areas covering more than 84 million acres in every state, the National Parks Service uses Mapbox to help tourists discover America and its history. Tourists can plan their trip using their online web maps, and continue exploring with their park-specific mobile apps available in over 19 parks.

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