Vision is everywhere at CES 2020

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Jan 9, 2020

Vision is everywhere at CES 2020


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Jan 9, 2020

Mapbox is all over CES 2020, in some of the biggest, most innovative automotive, navigation, and consumer experiences on the floor. Even better, our Vision SDK is making an appearance in not one but four new products and demos. Here’s the run down, and where you can see them for yourself at CES.


Raven Connected, the all-in-one connected vehicle telematics company, launched it’s newest product, Raven+ at CES. Raven+ introduces enhanced driver safety features for individuals and fleets — powered by the Vision SDK’s AR capabilities. A new hardware design offers a bigger screen for smart driver assistant displays, with the Vision SDK able to detect and alert about critical driver safety events like tailgating and pedestrians.

“The Raven+ platform is perfect for implementing advanced vehicle AI systems like Mapbox Vision SDK as a real-world solution. Technologies such as these help our consumer and business users improve driving behavior and vehicle safety.” Dan Carruthers, CEO of Raven Connected.

See Raven+ in person at their booth in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center — number 3900.


DENSO has been supplying advanced automotive technology, systems, and components to major automakers for 70 years. At CES, the team is demoing their Mobility IoT core product, which uses Vision SDK’s ability to detect road signs, vehicles, and more to power analytics on the edge in real time.

This technology has the potential to make it easier and more efficient for car insurers to administer their products and save drivers money. Did I mention their demo is streaming live detection events from a vehicle actually driving through Seattle? It’s awesome.

Find the DENSO demonstration at the Amazon Automotive booth — 5616 in the North Hall.


Luxoft’s HALO concept is bringing the digital experience that consumers expect at home — like access to their favorite content and services — into the vehicle and on the go. Working with LG Electronics, Amazon Alexa, and Mapbox, Luxoft HALO offers an intelligent, highly personalized, shared mobility in-vehicle experience.

HALO is powered by webOS Auto, a dynamic platform that will now feature the Vision SDK for AR Navigation. Meaning any automotive company will be able to plug in the HALO ecosystem and now have AR Navigation powered by the Vision SDK as well.

See it in person at the Luxoft booth at CES in the North Hall — number 6928.

Samsung and Harman

Samsung, in partnership with Harman, returned to CES this year with Mapbox in their updated Digital Cockpit 2020.

Samsung put Mapbox maps and navigation front and center in their console and dashboard screens. The new console features AR Navigation, providing drivers access to essential navigation information in their field of view that would not be feasible in a traditional birds-eye view map. Within the dashboard display, AR navigation creates carpet-style guidance for straightaways and adds vertical fence-style overlays at maneuver points and turns.

Read more about the Digital Cockpit 2020 or visit the Samsung booth in the central hall, number 15006, to see it live.

Not at CES this year? Start building with Vision or reach out to our team with questions.

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