Learn How Your Order Is Delivered In As Little As 10 Minutes

From design, dispatch and delivery, to managing a fleet and delighting customers learn how logistics companies achieve rapid delivery with Mapbox.

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May 6, 2022

Learn How Your Order Is Delivered In As Little As 10 Minutes

From design, dispatch and delivery, to managing a fleet and delighting customers learn how logistics companies achieve rapid delivery with Mapbox.


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May 6, 2022

Did you know Mapbox customers make more than 4 Billion deliveries annually? That’s more than 500,000 every hour. Our real-time location intelligence platform provides maps, navigation, and search tools that developers use to integrate location awareness into logistics applications and vehicle fleets.

One of the biggest industry trends is ever-shortening delivery times. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your order to you in 10 minutes? 

The end-to-end process of performing a delivery includes having the proper distribution locations in place, taking the customers’ orders, creating an optimized route, loading up the drivers’ vehicles with the product, and delivering it to the customer’s front door. 

Watch Garrett Miller, Head of Navigation and Logistics at Mapbox, go behind the scenes on rapid delivery at the 2022 AWS Summit, or keep reading to learn how this happens and how logistics companies power their business with Mapbox.

Find the best location to distribute from

Location makes all the difference for efficient deliveries. Mapbox Movement Data is the perfect way to understand where and how people are moving by foot, bike, or car. Movement data enables you to visualize the changes in movement at various times to optimize the distribution site location. 

Simplify and accelerate the checkout experience

As users complete their online orders, invalid or inaccurate addresses can lead to delayed or failed deliveries that harm a brand’s reputation. Our search and address matching schemas will autocomplete their address with high-speed accuracy, speeding checkout, and increasing satisfaction. 

Find the best driver for each delivery

To deliver high volumes quickly, retailers and logistics providers are digitizing and automating their dispatching – the process used to assign deliveries to drivers. The Mapbox Matrix API factors in traffic patterns and the current locations of each driver to easily find the optimal driver for any amount of deliveries. Effective dispatching saves time and money, and increases both driver and customer satisfaction at the same time. 

Build efficient delivery routes

The cornerstone of any delivery service is the route. If the driver makes twenty or more stops in a day, an inefficient route can take hours longer than necessary for your drivers to complete. But what if the fastest route could be mapped in seconds with just the snap of a photo? Mapbox Fleet is a route-planner app that does just that. The optimized route is easily created and surfaces potential errors, enabling the driver to edit and re-prioritize as needed. 

Ensure driver safety

Driver and vehicle fleet safety is a top priority when it comes to running any delivery business. Delivery drivers are busier than ever–transporting orders from distribution locations to the customer’s doorstep–and there are always risks involved along the way. Mapbox Vision acts as a second set of eyes on the road to track driver activity. By connecting to in-vehicle cameras, driving behavior such as hard braking, speeding, and collisions can be relayed via a dashboard for real-time visibility into driver performance.

Keep your customers informed

Customers like to feel special. They also want complete knowledge of the location of their order, delivery progress,  and when it will reach their doorstep. By communicating this information they feel valued as a customer. Mapbox makes it easy to provide real-time order tracking. Our tools and technologies provide accurate updates on order statuses and precise arrival time estimates. 

Nearly every Logistics business is learning to cope with rapidly growing order volumes. At the same time, most have set business goals to improve efficiency as they confront increasing costs and concerns about rising carbon emissions. 

Our logistics tools optimize delivery routing for efficient fuel consumption and streamline fleet dispatch so fewer vehicles get more done.

Get started with Mapbox Logistics.

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