Realistic 3D experience with Terrain updates

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Nov 8, 2021

Realistic 3D experience with Terrain updates


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Nov 8, 2021

We just optimized our global terrain layer for a more realistic 3D experience --called Mapbox 3D Terrain. 3D Terrain is the canvas for applications where 3D elevation can be visually engaging or informative. Using this improved layer provides clarity and context for the data in 3D.

Fjords near Nuuk, Greenland

“The improved terrain data for 3D in Mapbox allowed Strava to show athlete activity on our 3D heatmaps with much more clarity. We saw the greatest visual improvements in places where 3D data is lower quality, taking jagged 3D lines and turning them into smooth curves that are realistic. Mapbox continues to deliver on their commitment to making maps better.” 

~Will Meyer, Product Manager, Strava

This global update improves the consistency and accuracy of our terrain data for a more realistic 3D experience. When customers build a 3D style using Mapbox Studio, this layer provides the backdrop for their data. Improved accuracy results in a better 3D experience for users, especially for applications where elevation matters: Outdoor maps and navigation in mountainous areas depend on the context that terrain provides.

Taranaki, New Zealand

We added new data in Greenland and Antarctica, improved detail in Canada and Western Europe, and smoothed coarse data in high latitudes.

Try out our updated terrain in Mapbox Studio by toggling the Terrain button under 3D properties.

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