Optimize your fleet operations with Mapbox Fleet

Save up to 20% on fuel and reduce planning time by up to 50% with route planning, optimization, and navigation tailored for fleets.

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Apr 21, 2022

Optimize your fleet operations with Mapbox Fleet

Save up to 20% on fuel and reduce planning time by up to 50% with route planning, optimization, and navigation tailored for fleets.


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Apr 21, 2022

Today, we are excited to launch a private preview of Mapbox Fleet, an integrated mobile and web application platform for fleets and logistics companies to optimize their operations by saving time, money, and fuel. Mapbox Fleet provides easy-to-use solutions that combine the powers of Mapbox’s logistics-specific maps, traffic-aware optimization engine, accurate address search, and intuitive turn-by-turn navigation to help optimize fleet operations. Mapbox Fleet helps drivers leave the depot faster by reducing the planning time and speeds delivery via in-app navigation tailored to the logistics use case; it also saves fleet operators labor, fuel and maintenance expenses through advanced route optimization – enabling savings of up to 20% on fuel costs alone. Fleet also helps operators respond effectively to what's happening on the road thanks to real-time route tracking. Couriers like FedEx are already benefiting from Mapbox Fleet on the road today, optimizing their operations and making faster deliveries by utilizing the integrated driver app and operator dashboard to provide each employee a purpose-built tool and experience.

Mapbox Fleet dashboard allows fleet operators to import routes in seconds, generate optimal routes, dispatch them to drivers, and track progress in real-time. Fleets can create routes in minutes by uploading spreadsheets, adding stops through search, or connecting directly to backend systems. Seamless route creation helps fleets avoid errors filling in addresses to improve first time delivery rates and gets drivers on the road faster. Fleet drivers reported that they were able to save up to 50% of their time in the morning preparing for their daily routes.

Fleet’s powerful route optimization engine determines the best order of stops in seconds. The optimization engine takes into account traffic patterns, road closures, incidents, weather, and most importantly - live traffic -  to determine the optimal route for a driver to take. For drivers, this means no more backtracking and visiting the same neighborhoods two to three times. For fleet managers, this means up to 20% in fuel savings and reducing the risk of late deliveries. Most importantly, because of a powerful route optimization engine, drivers finish routes up to an hour faster than usual and remain the biggest proponents of our product.

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When routes are ready to be dispatched, fleet managers can select the available driver and dispatch them the route. Drivers will receive the route on the Mapbox Fleet driver app, a purpose-built navigation app for fleet drivers available on both iOS and Android. The driver app’s built-in navigation helps drivers avoid app-switching and brings the most important information front and center - large address numbers, building highlighting upon arrival, delivery instructions, or notes they left previously. The driver notes feature allows drivers to save information about a stop such as building access codes, where to leave the package, or not to ring a bell at a particular house. With an offline navigation feature drivers can get turn-by-turn directions to their stops even without connectivity. As drivers mark stops as either completed or missed, fleet operators are able to see route progress in real time and respond effectively to what’s happening on the road by, for example, notifying customers of changes or dispatching additional vehicles to split routes.

FedEx Ground fleets are among the first adopters of the Mapbox Fleet. A direct integration of Fleet with FedEx delivery portal allows fleets to automatically sync their delivery route every morning in a matter of seconds. FedEx fleets using Mapbox Fleet reported being the first ones to leave the depot and the first ones back thanks to time saved during the planning stage and drivers following a perfectly optimized route.

“Mapbox Fleet helped us save hours a day planning FedEx routes and figuring out the best order to make deliveries. We onboarded several new drivers this year and they are already running routes like pros because of the route optimization and offline navigation, which is super helpful when making deliveries in the middle of nowhere. It’s great to see fuel savings as well.”
- Brooks Thompson, FedEx fleet operator

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With the launch of Mapbox Fleet, we are excited to bring off-the-shelf solutions to support couriers, delivery fleets, and logistics companies.

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