Improved Delivery ETAs Drive Fleet Efficiency and Cost Savings with the Enhanced Matrix API

Vartika Chaubey

Sep 30, 2022

Improved Delivery ETAs Drive Fleet Efficiency and Cost Savings with the Enhanced Matrix API


Vartika Chaubey


Sep 30, 2022

The Mapbox Matrix API now supports scheduled departure times along with route estimates informed by live and typical traffic predictions for more accurate, up-to-date routes and ETAs. This advanced functionality drives fleet optimization and cost savings by improving route selection while providing operational certainty for improved planning to increase customer satisfaction.

Mapbox customers have been using the Matrix API for years to optimize route planning and build advanced logistics solutions for their industries. Today we are thrilled to announce significant upgrades to the Matrix API that deliver industry-leading transportation optimization algorithms, advanced roads data, and a variety of customizations to fine-tune API results. 

Mapbox Matrix API

Plan More Accurate Routes

You can now plan accurate routes at any time to better manage your deliveries and routes with accurate ETAs. The Mapbox Matrix API accounts for expected traffic at any specified time based on live traffic conditions and 90 days of Mapbox Traffic Data. The highly detailed roads data that underpin the Mapbox routing engine also means the Mapbox Matrix API accounts for expected changes to road conditions such as regular time-of-day street reversals or planned street closures.

If a departure time is specified using the `depart_at` parameter, the Matrix API will return a result that accounts for anticipated road conditions at the time of travel based on historical traffic patterns for the last 90 days.

ETA Accuracy Impacts Operational Performance

Fleet operators, Mobility as a Service providers, and delivery drivers understand that the more time vehicles spend in transit, the more wear-and-tear vehicles experience and the number of deliveries per vehicle decreases, hurting overall fleet operational efficiency and performance.

Planning service routes that maximize deliveries and on-time performance is impossible without accounting for traffic conditions. By accounting for live and typical traffic patterns, the Matrix API provides more realistic calculations of road congestion volatility, directly impacting delivery ETA accuracy and minimizing route corrections. 

With the new `depart_at` functionality, fleet operators can optimize the use of vehicles and drivers in advance based on traffic insights derived from billions of miles driven every week. For Delivery as a Service providers, the increased efficiency reduces waiting times for workers, increasing their performance and revenue.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Fuel Efficiency

Customers expect punctuality and will only forgive traffic delays so many times. With the upgraded Matrix API, fleet operators can calculate routes with greater first-point ETA accuracy, increasing arrival punctuality and customer satisfaction.

The Mapbox Matrix API combines advanced ETA accuracy with transportation algorithms and a selection of vehicle profiles, equipping fleet dispatchers to make smarter courier selection decisions for faster and more efficient delivery at scale. Minimizing time in transit means courier vehicles create fewer emissions and use less fuel for each delivery.

Start building for free with the Mapbox Matrix API today. Talk with your Mapbox account manager or request access to the enhanced Matrix API.

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