Color blindness simulator in Studio

Kelsey Taylor

Aug 19, 2021

Color blindness simulator in Studio


Kelsey Taylor


Aug 19, 2021

Color blindness affects around 4.5% of the world’s population today. There are also different types of color blindness - protanopia, for example, is the most common and causes difficulty in perceiving differences between greens, reds and yellows. Tritanopia is more rare and results in confusion between greens and blues. These deviations in perception can make intricate map details difficult to parse for some of your intended audience.

To help, we've launched a color blindness simulator in Mapbox Studio that helps ensure your maps are easy to use across the various types of color blindness.

Several different filters are available to quickly assess how a map looks to someone that has protanopia, tritanopia, or other types.

To use the simulator: 

  1. Click Settings in the top menu bar
  2. Choose an option from the Color blindness simulator dropdown menu
  3. Choose another option to see how your map looks with a different form of color blindness

See how Azavea uses the color blindness simulator in conjunction with TextureMap assets to create more accessible maps in their recent Lunchbox webinar.

We hope you'll use the simulator to create maps that are more accessible for your customers.

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