Make colorblind-friendly maps with TextureMap and Mapbox GL

July 29, 2021
12:00 pm
July 29, 2021
Jeff Frankl
Designer, Azavea
Sean Breen
Account Manager, Mapbox
Dom Brassey
Technical Documentation, Mapbox
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Approximately 300 million people—or 4.5% of the global population—have a form of color vision deficiency (the inability to distinguish certain shades of color). Complex maps that depend exclusively on color to symbolize categorical data can be frustrating, if not impossible, to read.

TextureMap gives you everything you need to start adding textures, patterns, and shapes to your maps in minutes.

You’ll learn...

  • How to use TextureMap textures, patterns, and shapes in Mapbox Studio
  • How to use TextureMap resources with Mapbox GL only (with a sprite)
  • Best practices for building accessible maps with TextureMap
  • How to design accessible experiences beyond addressing color vision deficiency



Jeff Frankl is a user experience designer living in West Philadelphia. He makes accessible, data-driven web applications for governments, nonprofits, and communities. focus on discovery, design, and prototyping at Azavea.

About Azavea

Beyond dots on a map: Azavea creates software and data analytics for the web. We are a mission-driven company, using our twenty years of geospatial expertise to help our clients address complex civic, social, and environmental problems. Proud Certified @BCorporation.

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