Accurate Delivery Tracking with Navigation SDK + Ably Realtime Network

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May 4, 2021

Accurate Delivery Tracking with Navigation SDK + Ably Realtime Network


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May 4, 2021

Ably Asset Tracking combines the Navigation SDK enhanced location engine to precisely track the location and ETA of packages, food deliveries, or any asset and stream it to customers and operations teams live via Ably’s realtime communication network. When deployed, this solution results in fewer delivery exceptions caused by customers missing the handoff with their driver and fewer support requests from customers asking about the status of their order. This in turn lowers support costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Collectively, the top four delivery applications have seen $3 billion of revenue growth during the pandemic, and demand isn’t slowing down. Developers are looking for ways to serve customers better, increase customer loyalty, and drive fleet efficiency.

The Navigation SDK’s enhanced location engine cleans up noisy GPS data to provide consistent positioning and movement on the map. The accurate location and ETA information gives customers a better understanding of where their order is and when it will arrive.

Ably makes this data useful to consumers and fleet managers by persisting it realtime to the cloud and synchronizing any changes to subscribed devices and systems. This removes the complexity of handling state during reconnections and managing conflict across clients and regions. 

Developers add Ably Asset Tracking to their iOS or Android driver apps, include their Ably and Mapbox credentials, and deploy their finished app to their fleet of drivers and consumers. Drivers automatically broadcast their locations and ETA in realtime. When a consumer opens the app to check the status of their order, they see the live, accurate data smoothly animated with the Mobile Maps SDK. They can see exactly when their delivery is arriving and meet their driver at the perfect time to collect their order.

Create a Mapbox account, get an access token, and get started with Ably Asset Tracking.

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