2020 Maps in Review

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Dec 31, 2020

2020 Maps in Review


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Dec 31, 2020

Mapbox GL JS v2: 3D Maps + Camera API + Sky API Launch

Now all maps are in 3D: the camera’s view of the map is controlled through the newly launched Camera API, and the sun’s position is simulated based on geographic location and time of day. Combined, it’s an entirely new and unique way to build custom maps.

1 Billion Images Mapped and Streamed Live to the Navigation SDK

The Vision SDK has now processed more than 1 billion images, identifying and refreshing 15M+ traffic signs in the United States. This covers almost every road sign across the 30 largest US metro areas, and more than 2 signs for every mile of navigable road. With every observation, our maps get more accurate and useful, and our refresh speed increases

Enhanced Location Engine Ships in New Navigation SDKs (Android + iOS)

Our latest Navigation SDK (v1.0 Android + iOS) ships with an enhanced location engine to better guide drivers in dense urban environments with poor GPS signal and through complex maneuvers that traditionally make guidance confusing — such as sharp turns, narrow exits, and adjacent parallel roads. 

Introducing Mapbox Tiling Service

The launch of MTS lets anyone process massive sets of data into custom vector tilesets, continuously updating the maps as the data changes.

3D Satellite Maps: Updating 135 Million km² of High-Resolution Imagery + Launching GL JS v2

The combination of image quality, image volume, and recency — combined with the launch of GL JS v2 — transforms the interactive map experience. Not only does this resolution let us go in to zoom level 18, but at z19, z20, etc, we'll smoothly overzoom the data so that it continues to show on the map. This imagery lets you read runway markings, count cars and shipping containers, and see inside buildings under construction.

Navigation SDK for Automotive: BMW as Launch Partner

We’re pioneering a new model of software development in auto nav: a single SDK, highly customizable, with periodic feature releases driven by all of Mapbox's OEM customers. This is designed to enable the fast development cycles needed to create excellent and unique user experiences honed by building, measuring and iterating.

The Camera is the Interface — Delivering 150 Packages a Day, Straightaway Delivery Optimization App for Drivers

Straightaway fixes large scale delivery for these drivers by turning the manifests into super efficient delivery plans that save over an hour a day. It comes down to AI routing for pairing addresses in a smart way with live traffic data. 

Dynamic Camera Calibration: Accurately Positioning and Mapping Road Features Using the Vision SDK

As Vision gathers more observations from connected cameras, the richness and accuracy of our maps improve, building a better platform for developers and a better experience for their users.

Unreal Engine for Auto with Mapbox

Epic Games is integrating Mapbox into its Unreal Engine as part of their HMI initiative to enable the next generation of infotainment and digital cockpit user experience — here’s a sneak peek. The move to offer Unreal in an HMI-specific package brings the award-winning design features of the Unreal Engine to automotive, starting with GMC’s Hummer EV.

Mapbox and SoftBank Form Joint Venture to Provide Mapping Tech to Japanese Developers

SoftBank Corp. and Mapbox,  announced that they have established a joint venture in Japan. The JV will provide Mapbox’s mapping platform, including APIs and data services, to developers in Japan. Also read Toru Takata Appointed as CEO of Mapbox Japan

Approximate Location-iOS 14: Upgrade Navigation SDK v1.0

With iOS 14’s introduction of Approximate Location mode, the precision of location data shared with an application can be reduced -- developers need to upgrade to version 1.0 of the Mapbox Navigation SDK for iOS to support iOS 14 and maintain data fidelity and navigation accuracy.

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