Atlas Server

Serve fast maps from your infrastructure.

Our super fast, Node.js-based map server runs entirely on your infrastructure – even behind a firewall or completely offline. Atlas Server can also run in your AWS cloud, in China (亚马逊 AWS), or on your AWS GovCloud. Atlas Server goes anywhere you need Mapbox.

Atlas Server is the foundation for building your maps and apps. Atlas makes map data accessible via a private version of Mapbox.js, the same API that powers Use its dozens of plugins to make heat maps, cluster dense data, animate markers, swipe between imagery layers, and customize everything. The API also plugs into our open source Maps SDKs for iOS and Android to power your private mobile apps. And Atlas Server ships with Turf for fast GIS analysis.

  • Mapbox Streets

    25 million miles of roads, 80 million buildings, updated in real-time and curated by Mapbox.

  • Add your own data

    Your data, your imagery, stored securely.

  • Cloudless Atlas

    Our beautiful satellite layer to zoom level 12.

Streets, Terrain, and Satellite

Out of the box, you have access to Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Terrain as well as our Cloudless Atlas for satellite imagery.

Real-time data updates

Our maps are updated by 1.8 million OpenStreetMap members adding new roads and buildings around the world. Mapbox's dedicated data team tracks updates in real-time, refines and curates the data, and packages updates for you via quarterly, monthly, or weekly subscriptions.

  • 25 million

    miles of road

  • 126 million


  • 1.8 million


Comprehensive data reports

Every data update includes a comprehensive analysis of what's changed in OpenStreetMap. You'll see every new building and street and know when they were added.

Bring your own data

With Atlas Server, you can add your own private vector and raster data and integrate your existing PostGIS or Esri data workflows. Whether you need to visualize custom inventory analysis or review drone and satellite imagery that you just tasked, it's easy to load data into Atlas Server.

Designing maps

Mapbox Studio Classic, our open source map design tool, is fully integrated to publish maps to Atlas Server. You choose what you want on the map and exactly how it should look. Add and style your data, pick your own fonts and colors ‐ you control every detail.

Mapbox Studio Classic can ingest and visualize:

  • Shapefiles

  • GeoJSON

  • SQLite

  • PostGIS

  • GeoTIFFs

  • VRTs

  • KML

  • GPX

  • CSV

GIS for web maps

Turf is GIS for web maps. It’s a fast, compact, open source JavaScript library that implements the most common geospatial operations: buffering, contouring, triangular irregular networks (TINs), and more. Turf is part of a new geospatial infrastructure that speaks GeoJSON natively and is included with Atlas Server.

Unlike the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Turf can run completely client-side for all operations. Your web apps will work offline, and you can keep sensitive information local. With Turf's building blocks for GIS analysis, you can create your next spatial application in a whole new way: as small pieces joined together intelligently.

Building applications

We've wrapped Atlas Server in private versions of Mapbox.js and Turf to power interactivity, add data feeds, run GIS analysis, and – with our open source Maps SDKs for iOS and Android – integrate with your private mobile apps.

  • Plug-in ecosystem

  • Supports all modern web and mobile browsers

  • Built on Leaflet

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