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Live Sessions

Building with Atlas

How to ship an offline on-premises mapping application in under 30 minutes

Hosted by:

Arni Sumarlidason
Yves Richard

About this Mapbox Live session

In this Mapbox Live session, our team will walk you through how to develop custom mapping and location applications in your own private cloud or on-premises infrastructure with Mapbox Atlas. In 30 minutes, we’ll walk you through setting up, building, and deploying an app on Atlas. See how every industry — from finance to telecomm to healthcare — can dive into their data while remaining offline and secure.

What you'll learn

  • How to Install Atlas with Docker
  • Tips for styling maps and adding your own datasets with offline Studio
  • Effective ways to visualize your data including heatmaps, adding 3D buildings, and more.
  • How to query data offline with global address level geocoding
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