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Talk to Your Data & See It on the Map: Conversational BI with Pyramid Analytics

July 25, 2024
9:30 AM PT
July 25, 2024
Cris Byers
Head of Search Product
Joe Beaubien
Vice President Global Solution Engineering, Pyramid Analytics
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Ready to have a sophisticated dialogue with your data? Ask complex questions using natural language and see results visualized on your maps – all without coding!

We're excited to be joined by Pyramid Analytics, a recognized Visionary among ABI (Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms) vendors by Gartner. This webinar explores how Pyramid Analytics GenBI empowers their users to unlock the unique value of location intelligence with Mapbox boundaries, and gain richer insights, faster & easier than ever before.

See it in action during the live demo with real-world examples:

  • Analyze hurricane data sets, visualize sales territories, and more.
  • Best practices and techniques: learn how to integrate location intelligence into your BI strategy.
  • Experience the power of GenBI: explore Pyramid Analytics' unique conversational capabilities to empower organizational growth.

Join us on July 25th, 9:30 am PDT/12:30 PM EDT. Register today and elevate your business data analysis with GenBI.

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