Sheet Mapper Advanced: A better way to use Google Sheets as a data source for your map

July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020
Megan Danielson
Education Coordinator, Mapbox
Chris Toomey
Solutions Architect
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With Sheet Mapper, we showed you how to publish a live-updating, custom web map from a simple list of locations on a Google Sheet. While that solution is great for plotting a small number of points on a map, it does have limitations – and that’s why we’d like to show our community how to use a similar workflow that’s more reliable, scalable, and secure. Introducing Sheet Mapper Advanced a better solution for visualizing large and dynamic data sets like the global coronavirus epidemic or mass demonstrations across cities all over the world.

You'll learn to...

  • Add your data to a Google Sheet and publish it to a CSV file.
  • Use a Lamda function on AWS to retrieve data from a Google Sheet.
  • Use a d3.js library to load the cached CSV data to your map.

Code-along resources:

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