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Mapbox Snowflake Native App: Developer Spotlight

March 25, 2024
Joint Webinar
March 25, 2024
Sean Graber
Head of Search, Mapbox
Felipe Hoffa
Developer Advocate, Snowflake

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Geospatial data is extremely powerful, but can be difficult to work with. 

In this video, Sean and Felipe chat about how Mapbox and the Snowflake Native App work together cohesively so data analysts and others can make more informed decisions more easily and quickly than ever before.

Our collaboration with Snowflake is driven by a shared vision to expand access to Mapbox geospatial capabilities – putting these capabilities in the hands of data analysts and other business professionals via simple SQL functions. 

What you’ll learn:

With a simple SQL statement, data analysts and decision-makers can call the Mapbox Geocoding API and use Mapbox Boundaries to validate and standardize addresses, transform addresses into geographic coordinates (and vice versa), and aggregate data by various administrative, legislative, political, and postal boundaries more easily than ever before. 

About the Snowflake Native App

The Mapbox Native App for Snowflake is an innovative solution that enables Snowflake users to work with and extract insights from geospatial information.

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