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Exploring Mapbox APIs - for beginners

April 16, 2020
10:00 am
April 16, 2020
Eric Alessandrini
Sales Engineering
Erica Eckes
Account Manager
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About this episode

This is a session for beginners. Each Mapbox API provides a specific function and returns different data. We'll compare APIs side-by-side, do some pattern recognition, and learn how to make a well constructed API request. This session will cover requests, responses, and errors for APIs across maps, navigation, and search services.

You’ll learn how to...

  • Understand what APIs are, and why developers use them
  • Formulate and send an API request to a server
  • Understand code examples using APIs
  • Look “under the hood” of a more complex Mapbox API

Tools we’ll use:

  • Your free Mapbox account:
  • Web browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Mapbox documentation:
  • Code editor (such as Atom, SublimeText, Codepen)

Code-along resources

1. Follow along with this doc.