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Live Sessions

Building custom business intelligence tools with Mapbox

Create unique dashboard applications and data visualizations that integrate mapping & location to understand your business data

Hosted by:

Chris Toomey
Solutions Architect
Amy Lee Walton
Design and Cartography, Brand Marketing

About this Mapbox Live session

Enterprises often have a lot of data but not many tools to efficiently visualize and understand it in order to make the best business decisions.

Join Chris Toomey from Mapbox’s Sales Engineering team and Amy Lee Walton from Mapbox’s Developer Relations team to learn how to build completely custom dashboard applications and data visualizations that take into account the new unique needs of your business and the extent of your data. Chris will walk you through how dashboards can be built with vector maps, GL JS, and other data visualization tools. Amy Lee will then cover principles to keep in mind when designing maps for data visualizations, and displaying your data in ways that derive new insights. Let us know what else you want to hear about by tweeting at #mapboxforBI and we’ll address questions as well as any live ones during the session!

What you'll learn

This 45 minute Mapbox Live session will teach you how to:

  • Choose Mapbox building blocks to build a dashboard application or data visualization
  • Create a simple dashboard application for displaying and analyzing business data
  • Understand basic principles behind designing maps for data visualizations
  • Display your data in ways to derive new insights
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