Mapbox Location Telemetry

Mapbox SDKs collect device location and select related data that is promptly de-identified, anonymized and aggregated to support and improve our products and services.

Making a better map

We use location telemetry from all mobile Mapbox SDKs to improve our map, directions, travel times, and to provide aggregate insights

New streets

Location data is used to identify new streets, hiking trails, and bike paths

Turn restrictions

Sensor data helps us better understand turn restrictions and identify one-way streets

Speed profiles and traffic

Understanding posted and time-sliced real-world speeds improves traffic modeling and routing

A minimal footprint

As developers we understand the resource constraints of mobile platforms. Our data collection has been optimized in collaboration with developers in our community and has been field tested with millions of users. As a result, we can improve maps without any noticeable impact on an application's footprint.

Telemetry, not tracking: no ads or advertising data

We do not record advertising identifiers (Mapbox has never collected advertising identifiers such as IDFA or AAID) with our location telemetry, so the data cannot be employed for targeted advertising.

Consumer opt-out

Users should be in charge of their own location telemetry data. Developers employing our Maps SDKs for iOS and Android are required by Mapbox to provide the ability for users to opt out of location telemetry reporting and must provide a location opt-out feature