We've teamed up with Tableau to power maps across Tableau Public, Tableau Online, and Tableau Desktop. Add custom Mapbox maps and data to your visualizations with just a few clicks.

Partners for Mapbox + Tableau implementations:

Powerful business intelligence

Tableau's drag-and-drop platform lets you organize, analyze, and visualize massive amounts of business data. Want to see your enterprise sales by product and zip code or visualize 911 calls by type and neighborhood? Tableau can help.

Enable maps instantly

Create a map with Mapbox and add it to your visualization in seconds. No code required, only a Mapbox access token and map ID. You can find step-by-step instructions on our Tableau help page.

Your data, your design

Mapbox gives you total control over the look and feel of your maps and data so you can build stunning visualizations in Tableau.

Tableau Zen Master Craig Bloodworth built Mapbox maps for a Tableau visualization showing rising river levels and flooding across the UK in December 2015. Check out the full story here.

How fun are these maps!? Before Mapbox, I had to set up my own map server to customize geo data in my dashboards. With the integration, I can have amazing maps and data layers in Tableau, styled the way I want, with just a few clicks.

By Anya A'Hearn, Tableau Zen Master, DataBlick

Tableau is a canvas for telling stories with data. Mapbox in Tableau lets me tell those stories geospatially.

By Allan Walker, Tableau Zen Master, Slalom Consulting

Free to explore

A Mapbox Commercial or Enterprise account will power maps for all your Tableau Online or Tableau Desktop users, and you can try the platform free for 30 days.

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