Route Tuner

Optimize last mile routes

What does this solution do?

This solution enables fleet operations managers quickly visualize adjust their drivers' routes. These types of adjustments are often necessary when the original optimization does not account for all necessary constraints, the output was visibly flawed, or there was demand for last-minute reassignments.

Normally, this process is manual - often involving a combination of intuition, local knowledge, and a spreadsheet. The route tuner provides an interface to identify potential re-optimization targets, evaluate the impacts of route changes, and quickly create new routes to distribute to drivers.

Last Updated:
July 1, 2020
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Solution Details

The route-tuner solution is an application that is connected to your existing optimization software, the Mapbox Optimization API, or a combination of both. The route tuner consumes your planned route geometries and provides a visualization of the routes, number of stops, driven distance, and estimated time. The interface enables the user to zoom into a set of routes and quickly identify opportunities for optimization.

Zoomed in routes

Once selected, the manager can visualize neighboring routes and choose the one that is the best fit. Both routes are then re-optimized using the Mapbox Optimization API, and the user is presented with a visualization of the impacts. If these impacts are acceptable, the routes are changed. This process can be repeated until all routes are tuned appropriately, then transmitted to the drivers for execution.

Technical Information

The route tuner is an application, available for demonstration and custom adaptation on request. The application is built using Mapbox GLJS and a simple, modular architecture.

Architecture and data flow of route-tuner

The core requirement of route tuner is a GeoJSON route dataset. This enables route tuner to consume the output of any proprietary or third party optimizers, in addition Mapbox APIs. The optimization workflow and interface is powered by Mapbox APIs by default, but can send data to external optimizer systems as necessary.

If you have questions about integrating route tuner into your stack, or would like to request a demo, please contact our Accounts team.