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Package tracking from confirmation email to doorbell ring

$100 Billion in sales - from Kylie Jenner to the online equivalent of mom-and-pop stores - Shopify lets 800,000 merchants ship to the world. Logistics is a problem CEO Tobi Lütke has wanted to tackle for many years. Small businesses — which make up the vast majority of Shopify’s merchants — find it “wickedly difficult” to keep up with the messy, expensive business of shipping, returns and storing inventory, particularly in light of the high consumer expectations set by the likes of Amazon, which sees orders delivered within a day or two.

Shopify Merchant: Image Credit, Shopify

That's why Shopify launched Arrive, tracking information for hundreds of stores and 400+ delivery companies in one app. Arrive syncs automatically to track all Shopify (and even non-Shopify orders) orders via email. No digging for tracking info. No copy and pasting.

Shopify Arrive App

View multiple deliveries in one screen, or watch the progress of your most awaited package in a simple custom map style that shows only the necessary label information. So whether you’re waiting for your Instapot or curious if you’ll need to come up with a good excuse for why that Mother’s day present is late, Arrive tells you up-to-the-minute status of exactly where your package is and when it will arrive.