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Mapbox GL JS provide the live mapping platform for IPPEN.MEDIA to build election maps and other live-reporting visualizations for news outlets

Key benefits of building with Mapbox

  • Smooth map rendering and the ability to incorporate real-time custom data provides users seamless access to the latest updates
  • Mapbox GL JS is a reliable service for high-traffic news sites
  • Mapbox provides a scalable platform for building and maintaining interactive map solutions for millions of users across multiple formats and outlets

products used

Mapbox GL JS

Visualization of knowledge plays a key role in any democratic process, and the German Bundestag Election is no different. At the forefront of election mapping in Germany is IPPEN.MEDIA, who produces interactive election maps for over 70 different news outlets. 

Known as the online media pioneer in Germany, the IPPEN.MEDIA network is one of Germany’s largest news portals and has the widest reach yet. Their reporting ranges from investigative background reports to current local, national and international topics and hotspots, including the federal election. Their mapping has been a vital component for the public, allowing them to keep up with unpredictable and fast-moving developments as their next representatives are elected.

IPPEN.MEDIA’s Bundestagswahl 2021: Interaktive Ergebnis-Karte

Mapbox proved as a great framework and basis for journalistic live data events such as elections. We have been able to build and provide various interactive map solutions to millions of users - across all articles, homepages and websites.

Philipp David Pries, Team Lead Data/Interactive at IPPEN.MEDIA

The wide reach of IPPEN.MEDIA stems from their colorful media landscape which varies from home newspapers, online portals, radio stations and even agencies. Together with Mapbox, their focus on cross-media coverage has allowed them to provide dynamic and interactive frameworks for further data exploration through election maps. 

The interactive election maps provide comprehensive live data and results for all German constituencies and municipalities. The Mapbox-based solution reaches millions of users on hundreds of articles and over 70 different German news media portals. 

IPPEN.MEDIA’s Bundestagswahl 2021: Interaktive Ergebnis-Karte constituency view

Mapbox GL JS allows viewers to toggle and control specific elements of the maps--a crucial feature that has allowed IPPEN.MEDIA to provide interactive journeys through respective home communities and German regions to the public. Not only do these election maps provide quality insights, but they have also built a bridge between past and current elections by visualizing what has changed and remained the same since.

IPPEN.MEDIA’s Interaktive Karte: Alle Ergebnisse der Bundestagswahl 2017

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