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Curb Mobility

Powering the medallion stallions

Cab drivers: Licensed professionals, who know their way around the city? Sounds perfect. But hailing them and paying? Less so. Enter Curb Mobility.

Image Credit: Curb Mobility

With their taxi app, Curb Mobility allows users to hail a taxi, get in, and in some cities pay for their ride — all through the app, without needed to pull out a wallet. They’re able to connect users to over 100,000 drivers in every major US city.

Curb Mobile on iOS

By bringing the security of a licensed yellow cab and the convenience of ride hailing apps, Curb Mobility is making sure seasoned taxi drivers don’t get left behind in the age of ride-hailing. To get drivers where demand is highest, not just relying on intuition, they use Mapbox to power their online fleet management tool.

Curb Live dispatch view
Maps feature data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data partners.