Mapbox Debuts MapGPT, Allowing Automakers to Take Control of Their Voice Assistants

October 4, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mapbox today announced the launch of MapGPT, a new conversational AI service that allows automakers to create customized voice assistants capable of natural and actionable conversations on the go. MapGPT combines the industry-leading location services from Mapbox with real-time context about the driver's location, destination, and surroundings, making its comprehension and recommendations more relevant than other voice assistants. Customers can customize every aspect of MapGPT by choosing which Large Language Model (LLM) it uses, the knowledge it has access to, and the actions it can perform, along with its voice, avatar, personality, and wake word. With MapGPT, automakers can equip their vehicles with an intelligent and personalized assistant that helps make drivers safer, more comfortable, and more engaged on the go.

Mapbox MapGPT

Despite the widespread availability of voice assistants in vehicles, their adoption remains limited. With the rise of generative AI, traditional voice assistants that require users to spell out their commands are obsolete. MapGPT is the first AI assistant that is built entirely on generative AI, leveraging live data, and location services from Mapbox to help automakers create new voice assistants that delight their users.

MapGPT provides intelligence on the go through its in-depth knowledge about the driver, their location, and where they are going. It integrates Mapbox location services— spanning real-world traffic, restaurant discoveries and turn-by-turn directions with third-party integrations like OpenTable for reservations and The Weather Company for weather.

"In-car voice interfaces have significant potential to increase safety and convenience for so many people," said Wendy Frazier, CTO at The Weather Company, an IBM Business. "Recognizing weather impacts so many decisions drivers make, providing access to trusted weather information through an intuitive and intelligent interface underscores our interest in and commitment to weather-rich auto experiences."

Integrations extend worldwide with partners like PayPay, the most popular payment app in Japan, allowing drivers to shop and pay for relevant services like insurance.

"By partnering with Mapbox on MapGPT, we are thrilled to provide drivers with intelligent access to vital services like payments and insurance when they need it most," said Ichiro Nakayama, CEO of PayPay.

Customers can customize MapGPT with a distinct name, personality, animated avatar, and voice. They can augment MapGPT's knowledge with specific knowledge about their vehicles and proprietary data like EV charging stations, allowing them to deliver a differentiated experience.

"At Mapbox, we are applying the power of AI to keep pace with drivers' evolving needs and expectations. MapGPT is so exciting because it brings AI face-to-face with drivers to make their journeys safer and more enjoyable," said Peter Sirota, CEO of Mapbox. "Mapbox enables carmakers to customize all aspects of the navigation experience and innovate on behalf of the driver. MapGPT is no exception. Customers are in control of privacy, safety, style, and actions of the assistants they build."

While connected to the internet, MapGPT is powered by the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 large language models from OpenAI, and when offline MapGPT is equipped with an onboard Tiny LLM from Mapbox that runs directly on the hardware embedded in the vehicle. It allows drivers to navigate home, find EV charging stations, access the user manual, or find other locations from Mapbox data even when the vehicle loses internet connectivity.

MapGPT comes with a library of preset actions for tasks, including destination search, navigation system control, music playback, and restaurant reservations. Customers can build new actions that allow MapGPT to control in-vehicle systems, like climate control or talk to a web service to reserve a charger or schedule a service appointment.

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