Mapbox and Haptic Forge Continued Partnership to Drive Accessibility in Navigation Solutions

April 29, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 29, 2024 - Mapbox, the leading location platform powering navigation for mobile and web applications, today announced the continued evolution of its strategic partnership with Haptic, a trailblazer in tactile navigation technology. As the intersection of mapping and technology continues to advance, the companies have expanded their commitment to ongoing development driven by the increasing need for accessibility in navigation solutions. 

The roots of this partnership trace back nearly a decade when Haptic first approached Mapbox with a visionary goal: to redefine navigation through the integration of vibration-feedback technology. Mapbox's pioneering sidewalk differentiation feature in its Navigation SDK and Directions API made it ideal to further Haptic's mission to democratize navigation accessibility. From those initial conversations, a strategic partnership blossomed, fueled by a shared commitment to redefine the way people interact with navigation applications: combining the most accurate of maps with patented vibration-based feedback that transcends all legacy based navigation apps.

"This partnership with Haptic represents a journey of continuous growth and evolution," said Peter Sirota, CEO of Mapbox. "As the need for accessibility in navigation solutions becomes increasingly vital, we are proud to stand alongside Haptic in our shared mission to make the world safer and more accessible for all."

Today, the mission pushes forward as both companies work together to produce solutions to meet the evolving needs of users worldwide, ensuring that navigation remains inclusive and intuitive for all. SXSW Conference organizers called on Haptic to showcase their HapticNav SDK during the 2024 conference, and the technology impressed across the board and highlighted Haptic’s goal: to ensure ease-of-movement for all attendees. Haptic leveraged Mapbox Directions API within the HapticNav app for the most accurate and up-to-date navigation solution.

Haptic will be participating in the META Hospitality 3.0 Symposium, an event designed to inspire conversations and co-create solutions to address ecological, social, and cultural challenges through a new understanding of hospitality across sectors such as travel, education, entertainment, wellness, workplace, and retail. The panel discussion “Bridging Physical and Digital Hospitality” will address inclusive, accessible experiences merging physical and digital realms, featuring visual examples and insights from various panelists. Haptic will provide insight regarding how users may be able to experience enhanced navigational guidance, improved accuracy, and greater accessibility in their everyday journeys.

"From our initial collaboration nearly a decade ago to the present day, our partnership with Mapbox has only strengthened," said Kevin Yoo, CEO & Co-founder of Haptic. "As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in navigation technology, we are grateful for Mapbox's unwavering support and dedication to accessibility as we tackle the new era of AI and safety. With our dedication to innovation, we’re set to make inclusive mobility a global reality.“

For more information about Mapbox and Haptic, please visit their respective websites.


Haptic (formerly WearWorks) is a pioneer in tactile navigation technology, enabling the delivery of information through touch-based feedback. Their patented flagship product, the HapticNav SDK, utilizes vibrational feedback to intuitively guide users to their destinations, ensuring accessibility for all. In 2017, Haptic made history by empowering  the first blind runner to complete a marathon without a guide or tether, making history with the advancement of assistive technology. Their ongoing commitment to changing the world has since impacted thousands of lives worldwide, firmly establishing their legacy as catalysts for positive change in navigation. Haptic works with leading technology and ride-sharing giants worldwide to transform navigation into an unparalleled user experience, surpassing the capabilities of traditional maps with seamless, safe, and exceptionally user-friendly navigation. Partners of Haptic can license their SDKs, and APIs to provide inclusive guidance that is simple, unique and universal. 

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