Live Session

3D visualizations with Scenekit

Learn the basics of applying AR and 3D to your mobile apps
Hosted by:

Jim Martin


About this Mapbox Live session

Many people say that AR represents the next transformation of technology interaction akin to the mobile revolution. We’re seeing new headsets hit the market for fully immersive gaming and work environments, and mobile apps that increasingly bring AR and 3D components into the consumer experience. We launched SDKs for Scenekit and React Native in May 2018, to enable iOS and android developers to easily incorporate AR and 3D features into their apps. This Mapbox live session will walk through the basics of AR and 3D and provide an overview of Mapbox’s solutions for developers.

What you'll learn

  • The basics of AR and 3D development and terminology
  • What are Mapbox’s AR products
  • See examples of how companies are using AR today
  • How to install and get started using the Scenekit SDK