Build custom transportation applications that calculate the most efficient routes, track deliveries live on a map, and analyze fleet performance.

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The Mapbox platform powers thousands of applications. Our customers build custom maps to manage fleets, deliver groceries, provide insurance, and more using our APIs and SDKs for iOS and Android.

Featuring a bold, graphic style, the Roadtrippers map lets you plan a route for your road trip and inspires you to discover places along the way. Roadtrippers switched from Google for a branded map that encourages users to go out and explore the world.

Custom map design with Mapbox Studio Classic
Mapping places using Mapbox.js API
Detailed terrain and street level maps

The app makes it insanely easy to plan your trip. Set a starting and ending point, and it will give you a route, along with places of note along the way where you'll want to stop to eat, take pics...

Urban navigation can be hard. Ally makes it easy. Their Apple watchOS and Android Wear apps integrate public transit schedules, bike and car share programs, and Mapbox Directions to identify the quickest multimodal route to your destination. As Ally users move through cities, their feedback improves our maps in real-time.

Directions API for smart bicycle and walking routing
Mapbox.js SDK for GPS tracking and route sharing
User feedback constantly improves Mapbox Streets data

Now the atlas that you grew up with in your glove compartment is the atlas on your iPad. Rand McNally created their vector map to mimic the handmade classic feel of their brand. The design features a strong consistent hierarchy of color and scale in labeling and line thickness. Major highways are a vibrant, but soft blue and highway shields come into view when zooming into cityscapes.

Custom map design with Mapbox Studio Classic
Mapping places using Mapbox.js API
Detailed terrain and street level maps

Instacart delivers groceries right to your doorstep while showing you the real-time location of your order on a map. Watch your groceries as they make their way to you.

Real-time GPS tracking using the Mapbox.js API
Directions API for intelligent routing
Detailed street data with Mapbox Streets

Automatic is making driving smarter by collecting data seamlessly while you’re on the road. Their dashboard shows everything about your car’s gas mileage, parking location, and speed data while breaking down every driving segment in-depth on a map.

Custom style design with Mapbox Studio Classic
Visualizing real time tracks using Mapbox.js API
Detailed street data with Mapbox Streets

Smart Directions and geocoding

It’s no longer just about the shortest or fastest route, now you can find the most energy-efficient route for your electric car. Smart Directions is an intelligent routing API that allows custom routing profiles to operate as a set of rules defining how users can get from Point A to Point B. This means full control over a key building block for location-based applications. Run the path with the steepest hills for training or visualize only the mountain bike trails that fit your ability.

  • Custom routing profiles

    Create custom routing rules that incorporate elevation, road types, or nearby points of interest.

  • Walking, cycling and driving

    Directions for different modes of transportation: walking, cycling or driving.

  • Geocoding

    Worldwide street level address data.

  • Made for mobile

    Low bandwidth and offline maps for both iOS and Android.

  • Real time data

    We add data to our street network in real time, updating our road network every 12 hours.

  • GPS Tracking

    Real-time GPS tracking on the map.

Scoot, a scooter sharing service based in San Francisco, uses Smart Directions to route riders around steep hills, away from highways, and clear of streets with cable cars.

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