Optimize operations and uncover insights



Reduce costs

Reduce fuel costs and maintenance time along a fleet's journeys by analyzing performance and creating geofences using Turf.js and Mapbox GL.

Increase safety

Improve driver management with historic speed profiles to help drivers stay safe on the road.

Real-time operational visibility

Connect your asset data hosted anywhere to Mapbox's open source APIs and SDKs via custom workflows.

Cut costs with automated dispatching

Improve dispatching with realtime traffic served ultra-fast at scale. This means tighter delivery windows and higher throughput. APIs that easily integrate with internal optimization systems.

Complete asset management

Monitor performance with a live asset tracking solution. Obtain realtime ETAs for all movements and overlay traffic and weather for smarter decision-making through unexpected changes. Add geofencing so you don’t miss critical changes. Visualize proprietary data like pick-up/drop-off points, while it remains secure- never stored outside your infrastructure.

Drive efficiency with delightful navigation

Build navigation directly into your driver app with the quality of apps many commercial drivers are already choosing. Improve safety by communicating dispatches clearly in-app- keeping drivers focused on the road rather than app switching. Avoid delays with auto-rerouting based on changing road conditions. Tweak for your operations with custom routes and avoidance zones.

Identify actionable intelligence

Combine your data with customizable map layers for better insights. Accurately model service changes with isochrones. Map matching and geocoding for data enrichment and aggregation. Identify new channel opportunities using technologies like heatmaps and arc layers.

Customer experiences that increase retention

Build unique app experiences that establish brand loyalty. Integrate single-line search for finding points of interest fast. Delight customers with realtime order tracking.

Since implementing Mapbox, we experienced our fastest growth as a company. We’ve brought down our average delivery times by more than 15%.

Andrew Zeck, CTO, Saucey
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