All travel and tourism apps impacted by COVID-19 can defer payment until Q4 for any use of Mapbox, no matter the costs and no matter the API.
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Optimize route planning, improve driver efficiency, and manage fleets in real time


Living map

Live updating map powered by more 130+ data sources for accurate route planning

Real-time traffic

Real-time traffic in 160+ countries generated from over 600M users per month logging 300M miles of anonymized telemetry

Offline navigation

Hybrid offline/online navigation with automatic re-routing even in areas of low connectivity

Powerful visualizations

Customize map layers, add heatmaps and arc layers to extract better insights.

Intelligent route planning and optimization at scale

Even small increases in efficiency can quickly turn into millions of dollars in savings. With real-time traffic and optimization tools that can handle multiple points, logistics companies can use Mapbox to drive dispatch efficiency across their fleet.

Track assets in real time

Monitor performance with a live asset tracking solution. Obtain real-time ETAs for all movements and overlay traffic and weather for smarter decision-making through unexpected changes. Add geofencing so you don’t miss critical changes. Securely visualize proprietary data like pick-up/drop-off points, without storing it outside your infrastructure. Read more on asset tracking.

Add critical context for accurate deliveries -- the first time

Build custom map styles with satellite, streets, and buildings footprints to solve last-mile and last 100 meters problems. Reducing second delivery attempts by 5% with improved context for drivers saved our largest delivery customer 650k in annual savings.

Improve driver safety and compliance with ADAS alerts

With real-time alerts powered by our Vision SDK integrated into an in-dash camera or mobile device, fleet managers can send smart alerts where dangerous driving is detected, improve safety on the road, and help save thousands of dollars in preventable accidents. Learn more about the Vision SDK.

Since implementing Mapbox, we experienced our fastest growth as a company. We’ve brought down our average delivery times by more than 15%.

Andrew Zeck, CTO, Saucey
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Built with Mapbox

Mapbox powers location for more than a million live location developers. Over 600 million people worldwide touch Mapbox maps every month.