A mapping platform for custom tracking applications.

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The Mapbox platform powers thousands of applications. Our customers build custom platforms using our tools to calculate the most efficient routes and display ETAs, track assets, analyze fleet performance, and more.

Instacart delivers groceries right to your doorstep while showing you the real-time location of your order. Watch your groceries as they make their way to you.

Real-time GPS tracking using Mapbox.js
Directions API for routing
Detailed street data with Mapbox Streets

Flightradar24 uses real-time transponder data to track more than 160,000 commercial flights per day. Their 3D visualizations give 360 degree views of aircraft in flight with information on speed, heading, destination, and arrival time.

Real-time GPS tracking
3D terrain with Mapbox + Cesium integration
Global imagery coverage via Mapbox Satellite

Assign drivers to tasks

To build your own tracking app, start with our Geocoding API to transform delivery addresses into latitude and longitude points. Next use Turf.js to assign the oldest outstanding order to the nearest available courier. Once the courier accepts a task, use the Directions API to generate a route specifically for the courier’s mode of transportation.

Distance API

In logistics, one driver often needs to deliver packages to several locations with minimal travel time. Our Distance API calculates travel times between multiple points with a single API request.

The Distance API is designed specifically for building a distance table or matrix, enabling optimal dispatching within seconds. It works worldwide and is available for the driving, cycling, and walking routing profiles.

Match GPS traces to a map

Use the Map Matching API to snap recorded traces – e.g. from your phone while driving a car – to a network of roads and paths.

With Map Matching you can align noisy traces to Mapbox Streets and be assured that you have the correct waypoints for routing requests.

Your custom mapping platform

Integrate maps into your mobile and web apps with our APIs. Build exactly what you need, from asset tracking to efficient routes to beautiful visualizations of your custom data.

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