Osaka, Japan

GTMF 2024 (Game Tools & Middleware Forum) - Osaka

June 28, 2024

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Hironobu Kanahara
Account Manager Gaming Industry
Kenji Shima
Solution Architect
Yosuke Yamada
Business Development and Partnership

Power Location-based Games with Maps and Location Intelligence

Mapbox is a well-designed map development platform used in popular location-based game titles. Maps can be flexibly customized to precisely express the virtual world of a game title.

Meet our team and learn about how Mapbox helps gaming companies deliver and deploy high-performance custom maps and playable locations worldwide seamlessly into any game both at technical sessions and booths on venues.

Session Title (Session Detail: Osaka & Tokyo

Mapbox unlocks unexpected possibilities for map-based games

Session Overview

In recent years, map technology has expanded beyond its traditional roles as a navigational aid and business tool to become an essential element in game development. The map development platform "Mapbox" allows you to create maps freely, bringing your ideal app experiences to life. In this session, we will introduce Mapbox's solutions, use cases, and concepts for combining data and tools. We hope this will provide valuable insights into incorporating maps and location information into future game projects. Please join us for this informative session!


Hironobu Kanahara

Exhibition Booth Title : Evolving location-based games with Mapbox (Booth Detail: Osaka & Tokyo

  • Demo apps and map design tools that utilize Mapbox.
  • “Mapbox Playable Locations" data that can determine no-go zones and non-walkable roads for safe game play, and place item acquisition spots, checkpoints, etc. only in appropriate locations.

Learn how you can: 

  • Cover and customize the entire digital world.
  • Implement web and mobile SDKs for fast, dynamic maps across multiple platforms.
  • Design tooling for designers and developers to meet customization needs.

We hope you enjoy the world of digital maps!









登壇者:Mapbox Account Manager 金原寛直


  • Mapboxを活用したデモアプリや地図デザインツール
  • 安全にゲームをプレイするために、立ち入り禁止区域や歩行不能な道路などを判断し、アイテム獲得スポットやチェックポイント等を適切な場所のみに設置できる「Playable Location」データ


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Hironobu Kanahara

Account Manager Gaming Industry

Kenji Shima

Solution Architect

Yosuke Yamada

Business Development and Partnership